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Let’s Go Earth Day!

So, whutz happening? Earth Day is!

Don't forget: April 22 is Earth Day

Well, in 1 day’s time that is! But, we don’t really need to wait until tomorrow to start caring for our planet, right?

I just thought that it would be nice to dedicate my first “official” entry to Mother Earth. =)

We heard about Earth Hour last March, and now it’s Earth Day. It just makes me wonder: why didn’t WWF just put Earth Hour and Earth Day together as well as Earth month [November]? After all, they’re all events that remind people that they should care for the environment. But, oh well, that is really none of our business. The important thing is that there are campaigns out there like these that take time to encourage and remind us constantly of our duties to Mother Earth.

R's to remember

I know we’re all so busy with so many stuff – family, studies, work, dreams, ambitions, life in general – but it doesn’t mean we should take something like our environment for granted. It’s not really that insignificant or boring as we think it is. We’re just thinking that way because most people do or maybe because we’re just too lazy to care. But, remember that as the Earth dies, we slowly die too. Think landslides, flash floods, drought, hunger, dehydration, and other catastrophes. Look, we want to live longer and we sure want more generations to live. And we don’t want to be burnt into crisp alive. So, come on, what are we waiting for! Let’s start saving the environment today! =) When you start thinking of it as fun, you’ll be willing to do it over and over and even encourage your friends to do it. It becomes a habit, then that’s one step closer to fighting global warming and other problems of our planet. Keep that going and we might actually save a few more centuries before the Earth dies.

Watch this. It’s really a fun way to care for the earth by throwing our trash properly.

- EARTH mother EARTH

Hand in hand, let's save Mother Earth!

You don’t really need to do complicated stuff to help the Earth. Simple things like saving water, segregating your trash, minimizing your use of plastic and styrofoam, and certain things like these are enough to do your share.

The world is in our hands

Last March 27, during Earth Hour, I was amazed that a lot of people around the world participated. Many of the buildings shut down, even famous landmarks had their lights off, like Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, Bukingham Palace, and so many others. Check out these “blackout” pictures here.

Eiffel Tower went from light to dark for 1 hour

Of course, not everyone participated for whatever reason. But, I’m glad that most people are aware of such an event and actually took the time, that one hour, to be part of such a project. I just certainly hope that caring for the Earth doesn’t just happen during Earth Hour or on Earth Day. We can make everyday Earth Day. After all, April 22 was just another ordinary day 40 years ago before it was coined as Earth Day. So, what difference does it make when we celebrate Earth Day everyday of the year? October 5 can be Earth Day, and so can February 14. Any day. Your birthday, my birthday, whoever’s birthday can be Earth Day. =) After all, Mother Earth doesn’t really have an official birthday. It’d be nice to share ours with her, don’t you think? =)

Happy Birthday Earth!

So, this coming Earth Day, don’t think of it as just another day in the calendar where you only remember to care for the Earth because it’s all over the media. Think of it as a simple start for you where you learn that caring for the Earth is something you should try to do every single day of your life. A simple start that matters a lot. A simple start that will help map the futures of the next generations.

Earth Day Cliparts and Graphics
Remember this friends! =)

Finally, this is what I leave you: we are the only ones who can make a difference, and we can only bring about a change if we try. So, come and let’s all join forces as we work for a planet that’s greener, healthier, and definitely more beautiful! =)

Let this video inspire you.

Be that difference starting this Earth Day!

Yes, I do. And I hope you do, too!

*For more information on Earth Day, visit http://www.earthday.org/

*People who are in the Philippines, there’s going to be an Earth Day Jam on April 23, 6pm onwards along Tomas Morato, just in case you are interested. Featuring Noel Cabangon, Kalayo, Imago, Session Road, Up Dharma Down, Callalily, Kjwan, 6cyclemind, Chicosci, Hilera, The Dawn, Urbandub, Radioactive Sago Project, Tropical Depression, Bembol Rockers, Bloomfields, Skebeche, Company of Ateneo Dancers, UP Dance Crew, and Lou Bonnevie. Admission is free. =)


Earth Day Jam along Tomas Morato

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