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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Drama Queen Faced with Issues

Britney’s out, and Lindsay’s in!

Sure, we’ve followed Britney Spears and her little drama with Kevin Federline, her kids, her rehab, her falling from grace story, and even her bald head.

Yup! That was hideous!

Now that she’s making a comeback in the music industry, she seems to be returning to her right senses as well. Not that I like her new videos, but at least she’s got some cover on that bare scalp.

One of her first videos after her comeback, Womanizer.

This time, Britney’s not the hottest gossip. We heard Lindsay Lohan might go for porn. How true is it, who knows? After all, this is Lindsay we’re talking about. Looks like rehab made her worse. Remember, she said rehab was like vacation. Seriously Lindsay, don’t you want to fix your life?

LL, you definitely need to fix yourself

Not only is whether she’s saying yes or no to porn her only issue, we also heard she’s in for some real trouble with her credit card with her debt amounting to more than $600,000. Uh-oh, LL! Looks like you need a big break to pay all that. But, you know that’s not gonna be easy, considering that you’re not as in-demand as you were before. Maybe, you should consider E!News’ and D10’s offer. They’ve been really calling out to you in their latest episodes. I’m sure they pay well, and as Giuliana says, “you get free doughnuts!” Okay, maybe not free doughnuts, but I’m sure she said free something. I know it’s food. I just don’t remember what in particular. But, hey, that’s not bad at all LL. Don’t you think?

Time to join The Daily 10, LL? At least you get free food.

Or, well… I know. There’s always porn.

Lindsay Lohan... porn star in the making?

So, what’s next with Lindsay? Well, stay tuned boys and girls. Looks like a new Britney’s ready to share her drama.


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