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Finally! Shutter Island!

Yes, I know that Shutter Island was already released in many countries, such as the United States few months ago, and this might be really old news to people in these countries. But, here in the Phillippines, it was just released last week [April 14], so we’re still hyped about this film. Forgive me!

Someone is missing... in Shutter Island

Our country definitely has one of this movie’s latest release dates, placing second only to Singapore [April 15], which I don’t find to be something great at all, considering that there’s only one day difference in the release dates and that the pirated versions of it are already all over the net. I was so tempted to go download and watch it to end my agony of waiting, but I thought that it is of course still the best way to appreciate and enjoy a movie when it’s watched at the moviehouse, with the dark lights, the big screen, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and a large bucket of popcorn.

Movie is not as great without these guys

With 68% rating in RottenTomatoes, the movie lost some of its appealing touch to me. I actually hesitated a bit to buy a ticket for the movie. I mean, 68% isn’t really high a rating that features an interesting trailer and a big actor like Leonardo di Caprio. But… but I told myself that I’ve waited for 3 months for this! So, I’m not going to let some critics in RottenTomatoes stop me from doing this! Apologies to you guys. I usually trust you but maybe not this time.

Contrary to the many who didn’t find it nice, I actually liked every minute of the movie. Not that it’s because Leonardo was hot because believe me, he wasn’t that hot to me in the movie. He looked like an alcoholic or a drug addict. I think it’s probably because of his “scattered body hair look”. With so much annoying hair sticking out of his chin and above his lips, it was just dirty to look at. Well, it might be because of his role there, but still, it just isn’t sexy. Or, at least I didn’t find it to be. Sorry Leo, it just wasn’t the right look for you in my opinion.

Shutter Island

Hair all over the mouth... uh... I just don't find that sexy

It’s been how many years now since I last saw a movie of his. The last one I’ve seen, believe me or not, was Titanic. Yes! It was that long. And even after that much time, Leonardo’s superb acting still didn’t falter. He is still that amazing. He really carried out his character well. Convincing, I should say. Kudos Leo!

Jack and Rose, remember?

As for the movie itself, it was something, in my opinion, something well-written and well thought of. I applaud the screenwriters for a job well done, although somewhere along the film, it seemed like I was watching Fight Club. If you have watched both movies, then I think you know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t be spoiling anything in this blog since it is very important that you watch the movie with only the trailer in mind. With that, I’m sure you will appreciate Shutter Island better rather than trying to speculate or making your own conclusions about the film or worse, hearing the ending of it from a friend or from some random person who just can’t control their emotions about the film.

Shutter Island

Teddy Daniels with Dr. Cawley

A lot of people thought that it was rather long – 2 hours and 15 minutes running time – but for me, I think it was just enough for a plot that it contains to fully unweave. It really wasn’t that dragging. Over time, the scenes actually became ambiguous, but I think what the film wants to do is to play with the minds of the watchers. Remember that this is a movie about mental stuff, so in order to project that kind of aura better, it challenged the mentalities of the people who are watching. At one point, I would like to call it brilliant. But, at another, I would say that it didn’t quite work out. I mean, the general purpose of watching a movie is to relax and not to solve puzzles on screen, right? We all want to enjoy some piece of entertainment and not to sit down and have a problem laid out in front of us and make us feel like we’re still working. So apart from the confusing string of scenes, Shutter Island can be considered as one of the movies that’s [almost] fun to watch.

Shutter Island

Inside the ward

The plot can seem like a cliche, like it’s some story that any brilliant writer out there must have already come up with or something like that, but for it to have strayed away from ordinary drama, such as heartbreaks and revenge, was what I commend it for. It made conventional themes, such as romance and mystery, more twisted, or should I say, more wicked. And that’s the spice! That’s what I loved about it. It’s not your typical story that seems to have just been lifted from a diary page. It’s better than that.

Shutter Island

Teddy and Dolores... what's their story?

Shutter Island is definitely something to watch, I tell you, and if I were to give a rating, I’d give it an 8.5/10.

Remember: it’s really better to watch it with only the trailer in mind. No hypotheses. No speculations. No leakages from friends. Just you and your seeking mind.

Someone is missing… and you are about to find that someone.

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