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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Get to Know ‘The Fun Theory’

Have you ever heard of “The Fun Theory”?

The Fun Theory's fun!

For those who haven’t, here is how it works: a company or a group of people thinks of solutions for common society problems, but they’re not just your ordinary conventional solutions. They’re fun solutions! Yes, you heard me. Fun solutions! Basically, the company or group aims to solve the problems by way of behavior change. And obviously, when something fun is involved, we are all more willing to do the work.

Check these videos out, and you’ll know what I mean:

Garbage Jukebox

Bottle Bank Arcade

Piano Stairs

Interesting, huh? Yup! I thought so too! I just hope we can get to experience these kinds of fun stuff here in our country. But, it’s really amazing how we can get people to do even the quite boring stuff.

I guess the key to continuing the essence of doing something is to find the fun in it.

*To know more about The Fun Theory and to watch more videos, just visit http://www.thefuntheory.com/. Enjoy!


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