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May 22: Save the Date for Free Comic Book Day

Fully Booked, one of the best bookstores I believe that the Philippines has, is holding its annual Free Comic Book Day this May 22, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Yay for free comics!

They will be giving away comic books to anyone who goes to their stores on this day. It doesn’t matter if you buy something or not. Just be there, and you’ll definitely get a free comic book! You can catch this amazing opportunity at any of Fully Booked stores nationwide, so mark your calendars!

May 22... there you go!

In addition to that, all graphic novels and Japanese manga will be at 20% off. So, really, this is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. While you’re out with family and/or friends, make sure you drop by Fully Booked to either grab a free comic book or buy a graphic novel/manga at a discounted price. But, remember: first come, first serve.

See you there!


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