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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Cute Plushiess!!!

Beware: cute photo coming up!

suuuper cute!

So lovable, isn’t it? Too bad, these plushies aren’t for sale in just any store in any city in the world, simply because they’re custom-made by Hannah Beattie, a deviantart user from United Kingdom, whose gallery I chanced upon one afternoon.

Hannah Beattie - I love her plushie designs!

If you check out her gallery, she’s got tons of different plushie designs – the best of which are those shaped like food, such as the one up there. Here are some more mouth-watering and very cute plushie photos:

Orange Twins

Fried Tempura... yum!

Plushie Parade, she calls it

These plushies are made with a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing, and Hannah doesn’t follow any pattern. It’s all in her head! That’s amazing, girl! πŸ™‚

Fries and burger hanging out

If you think that these are all just for display, you’re wrong. Hannah is actually selling some of these. And, if you find something in her gallery that you like, maybe you can ask her nicely if she’s selling that particular item. I’m just not sure if she accepts requests from customers, but you can just simply ask her [in a nice tone, of course]. Regarding the modes of payment, you can just refer here. You can also find some other information on her plushies in that link. πŸ™‚

kickass-peanut.deviantart.com - check out its cool gallery!

Keep the cute plushies coming, Hannah! I love them!

And if I’ve got enough money, I would really like to buy one from you, especially that fries plushie!!! It’s just so huggable! πŸ™‚


2 comments on “Cute Plushiess!!!

  1. needpeanuts
    November 10, 2011

    Hey, do you have kickass-peanuts valid email adress? kickass-peanut@hotmail.com is offline.

    • Cherszy
      November 11, 2011

      Hi! Unfortunately, I do not have kickass-peanuts’ valid email address, except for that hotmail account. I will, however, try to help you look for it. If I find anything, I’ll contact you. So maybe you can leave an email address or Twitter link where I can reach you? Thanks!

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