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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Bieber Fever, Huh?

It’s only been a while since Youtube baby Justin Bieber started hitting the music charts, but there’s no doubt that one of these days, he’s going to get trampled by a huge mob of girls! I am not kidding! Careful, JB boy, you might just get run over by your female fan army.

JB boy - millions of girls' fantasy

Together with his rise as a singing sensation, the 16-year old is also becoming a popular eye candy worldwide. Looks like Justin Timberlake is losing his touch to this young dude. It’s okay, JT, you’re still very sexy!

A hot Timberlake

Bieber is currently on his ‘Down Under’ tour, but when he landed in Sydney, thousands of his fans came swarming to meet him at the airport that it caused 8 girls to be hospitalized, including a few other more who were injured. Because of this, his concert there was cancelled. Well, I wouldn’t really say that this was due to unforeseen circumstances because I’m sure we all know that one day, this is going to happen. The Bieber fever is truly reaching new heights day by day.

Bieber kid smiling - he's loving the Bieber fever

He’s cute, I would agree, but more like a younger brother cute. No offense to the millions of fans out there, but I don’t like him as much. They say he’s the next Jesse McCartney, but I say no way, Jesse is still the hottest singer I’ve known in my childhood years. And I still think he is. 🙂 So, please, no comparing.

Just the cutest singer I know!

I don’t know how long this Bieber fever will last, but I know for sure that he’s going to be another legacy in the music industry. Justin Bieber is going to be a name that will ring for a long time. So congratulations, JB boy! I wish you all the best! By the way, you’re really a good dancer. Not that I’m saying you’re a bad singer. You’re just not the best for me. Sorry, but I will always be a Jesse fan!


So, Bieber, Bieber, Bieber… what’s next in store for you?


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