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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Another Iron Man Adventure

Tony Stark is back, and now, he’s back with new adventures, new armors, new enemies, and yes, a new girl as accomplice!

Tony Stark as Iron Man

Iron Man 2 has been on my list of must-watch movies since February, and now that it’s showing, I didn’t miss my chance to watch it on its opening day! And true enough, I’m not the only one who’s extremely excited. The movie house was packed that even a box of popcorn won’t find a place to rest its cardboard butt.


And I’m happy to say that Iron Man 2 didn’t fail my expectations. It was a fantastic movie, and Robert Downey Jr. was spectacular! He delivered both his heroic Iron Man as well as his  stubborn Tony Stark characters very well. Thumbs up, RDJ!

Why so serious, Iron Man?

What made this sequel different from the one that preceded it was that this time, the film isn’t all about the action and the heroic wonders of Iron Man. A lot more things are happening. You’d not only feel your hearts jumping to the sound of clashing robots and explosions, but you’d also come to fall in love with the softer side of Tony Stark. You’d also feel sympathy and compassion. And of course, a little bit of humor.

He still looks dashing even for his age

Also, the film didn’t really just focus on Iron Man as the good guy and Pepper Potts as the loyal assistant. There were a lot more other characters who all had their fair share of exposure. And may I say, Scarlett Johansson was very hot in this movie. With a fashionable spy costume, beautiful hairdo, and amazing ninja moves, she looked fabulous! I totally love her in this movie! And if you think she was just great on the looks, you’re totally wrong! She gave a beautiful portrayal of Natasha Romanoff and of Natalie Rushman. A great actress as always. *claps*

You've got to admit it, Scarlett looks hot here

Pepper Potts [Gwyneth Paltrow] seemed like only a minor character in this movie, in contrast with the original Iron Man. I personally think that that was actually a good idea. We really don’t need her to be always in the scene even if she’s Tony’s secretary. It’s enough that she appears once in a while as the focus is shifted to the development of the profiles of the other characters, such as what happened in this sequel. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate Pepper’s appearance; it’s just that it can get a little boring watching her character all the time when the story isn’t exactly about her.

Pepper Potts

Apart from the amazing portrayals of the characters, the effects were amazing as well. The fight scenes were meticulously captured, which made me appreciate the movie more. What I didn’t find particularly wonderful was the construction of the plot. The outcomes were sort of predictable that there’s not much twist to it. I would’ve wanted something better than that although the story wasn’t really that bad. I just think that it could’ve been better.

Tony and Rhodey

The only thing that separates Tony Stark and Iron Man is the armor suit.

*Don’t forget to watch the after credits*

Rating: 9.3/10


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