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Who’s Your Bet This May 10?

In 4 days, we, the people of the Philippines, will be in for some real excitement. Well, I would say trouble, but then that would be too much of an assumption. However, that doesn’t mean to say that a big trouble is far from happening. After all, it’s the elections we’re talking about here.

What's going to happen on May 10?

For decades, the elections hasn’t been as controversial as this year. With issues concerning the presidential candidates, especially Manny Villar, and hearsays about the outcome of the elections here and there, it seems that May 10 will be a day of surprise. Out of the 9 candidates, who will get the crown? Will the results of the surveys hold true? And will the winner be winning honestly? Actually, concerning the last question, I doubt that this year’s elections will be different from the previous ones where there’s always an issue of deceit – of flying voters and of ballot changes. Lagi namang may pandaraya eh, aminin man nila o hindi [There’s always fraudulence, whether they admit it or not].

Are you sure that your vote is safe?

So, next Monday, who are you voting for? Who do you think will be the next president? Will it be Noynoy – the surveys’ number one?

Noynoy Aquino - will he still emerge as number one on May 10?

Will it be Gibo – the supposed-to-be administration’s bet but who’s now left to grapple on his own?

Gibo Teodoro - can he still make it to the top?

Will it be Erap – the ex-president who wasn’t able to finish his term 7 years ago because he was impeached due to corruption and who wants to give presidency another go? [I personally think that he doesn’t know what shame is. I mean, come on, you’ve been paroled by the current president, so why don’t you just live a quiet life instead of engaging in the politics again? Let’s admit it, you’re not really someone who’s got the stuff for politics, especially for presidency.]

Erap - seriously, one more round?

Will it be Dick Gordon – the ex-mayor of Olongapo City who finally allowed SM to open in the said city after years of negotiation?

Dick Gordon - can he really change the Philippines?

Will it be Manny Villar – the candidate who’s been trying to associate himself with the poor when he is really as rich as hell as proven by investigations on his family and on his life and who has been invading websites with his political ads, TV commercials with his jingles (the most famous one being the “nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura”), walls with his face, and the news with his efforts to gain the Filipinos’ sympathy by letting the media catch his mom or sister crying because other candidates are trying to sabotage his reputation? [Seriously, Villar, we’ve had enough of your drama. Just be sport, okay? I mean, you’re the one who brought up the issue of your brother. If you hadn’t, then people wouldn’t go and investigate on it. You really thought people are that stupid that they would just listen to whatever you’re saying and not try to find out if it’s true or not? And by the way, you trying to prove that Noynoy is a mentally demented person is just not fair. What kind of accusation is that? Is that your way of getting back at a person who’s shown the Filipino community who you really are and what secrets you’ve been hiding? You’re just too shallow a person, and you even want to become a president. Shame on you.]

Manny Villar - will he make more drama if he loses?

Or, will it be one of the other four, who I have no idea why they are still running when it’s clear enough that they don’t have what it takes to compete against any of the five above? Noynoy, Gibo, Erap, Gordon, and Villar are already having a hard time competing against one another, and then here are four people who think they can win the presidency.

Jamby Madrigal - the woman who had an issue with galunggong

Yes, it was her, Ms. Jamby Madrigal, who had the famous issue with galunggong, the basic food of the Filipinos. She was going for pro-poor agenda, but apparently, she doesn’t even know the price of one kilo of galunggong. She said it’s because she’s vegetarian. Neither does she know the price of salted eggs because, according to her, “I don’t eat eggs.” She is also famous for her “wonderful” comments, such as when she was asked if she has something nice to say about Villar, she said that his hair was dyed nicely. What a nice way to make a name, Jamby. You just make people speechless [because we’re all laughing].

Bro. Eddie Villanueva - why are you joining politics when you can just focus on religion?

JC delos Reyes - from councilor to president, you think it's that easy, huh?

Nicanor Perlas - so the activist also wants become president? How ambitious!

Aside from aspiring presidents, we have those who just want to become vice presidents. Running mates and independent candidates, here they are:

Mar Roxas - the guy who stepped down from the presidential race to give way for Noynoy

Edu Manzano - the vice president candidate who didn't really want to be vice president

Bayani Fernando - the former MMDA chief who was famous for creating an almost "pink Manila"

Jojo Binay - Makati's mayor for six years and who's now taking the next stage in politics, does he stand a chance?

Loren Legarda - the woman who used to be popular and who was liked by many... well, not anymore. Just so you know, we hate you and your running mate for president.

Jay Sonza - a popular newscaster and talk show host who's now entering politics... now is not the right time, friend, you know that.

Dominador Chipeco, Jr. - just your regular lawyer

9 presidential candidates, 8 vice presidential candidates, 61 senatorial candidates, and a LOT running for councilors, mayors, vice-mayors, and congressmen – this is Philippine politics. We never really stick to just two parties. The more, the merrier. And that’s never a good thing, trust me.

For more information on who the candidates are, click here.

So, who’s my bet? Who do I think will win? Well, honestly, no one. I’m serious. I have a feeling that every candidate’s effort will just go to waste because it will all just result to a failure of elections. Really, that’s not far from happening, but I’m not saying that I’m sure of what will happen. So, while we’re all in for some trouble come May 10, we might also be in for some real surprise. Just wait and see, my dear Filipinos. Pero ayoko pa magsalita ng tapos.

You don't want to have that look on your face when the results come out.

Just yesterday, Inquirer’s headline read “Voting machines fail“, so it was announced that the elections will be postponed for 15 days to which 5 presidential candidates were against, so May 10 will still push through. Shame on Comelec, really. It’s been so long, and they still couldn’t fix the machines. They’ve been running tests for how many times already, and it’s almost election day, and up until now, it’s always a failure. So, I told you, failure of elections is not far from happening. But, I can’t give a conclusion just yet.

So, Philippines, sit back and watch the election drama unfold.

But hold on tight; it’s not going to be pleasant.


2 comments on “Who’s Your Bet This May 10?

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