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I Love You, Mommy!

Happy Mom’s Day to all your moms, everyone!

Tell your mom how much you love her

Today’s that day of the year when you give your mom the biggest hug you can give. Kiss her on the cheek, and tell her how much you appreciate her and all that she’s done. You always say ‘I love you, mom’ but it’s not everyday that you tell her you appreciate her.

For once, forget about the petty things you fought over last week. Forget about those times she grounded you for the silliest reasons. Forget about those days when she irritated you with her sermons. Today’s not that day you remember all those as you see your mom walking out of her room. Instead, today’s the day you remember all the sacrifices she’s made for you through the years. Remember those drops of sweat that trickled down her forehead as she exits the kitchen, carrying plates of your favorite meals. Remember those nights when she wasn’t able to sleep because she was taking care of you as you lie in bed with fever. I’m sure you have your own stories like these of your moms, and I know as you remember them today, they bring a smile to your faces, and you’d realize how lucky you are to have your mom. I know I am.

Bond with your mom today... I know she'll love that

Sure, your mom can not be the perfect mom, but so what? You can’t be the perfect kid either. At least she’s willing to be anyone for you. From personal bodyguard to chaperone to cook to driver to maid to nurse to doctor to teacher/tutor to plumber to carpenter to mouse catcher to hairdresser to personal shopper to fashion consultant to homework helper to your number one fan to your friend to… (and the list just goes on)

She can be whoever you need her to be

And today, you should take the opportunity to thank her for being all those. Show her how special she is to you. Bond with her. You don’t need to take her out to an expensive dinner or buy her the most luxurious gift just to show that. She doesn’t need all those. She doesn’t need the latest gadget or a platter of steak. She needs you and your love. I know it’s cheesy, but admit it, it’s true. You should make her feel loved, and using merely your money to do that is not loving her enough. Do something special or extraordinary. Put some effort into it. Maybe, prepare her favorite meal during dinner, or write her a heartfelt poem, or make a video of those moments you spent with her, or go on a trip/vacation with her so she could relieve her stress. I don’t know what else you can come up with, but hey, this is only one of those days when you give your mom a loving thought, so better make it good. She’ll love whatever you’re gonna do for her.

Surprise her! You don't do that everyday!

To all the moms and moms-to be and of course, to your moms: Happy Mom’s Day!

To my mom: Thanks for everything, which I will no longer enumerate here. Everything is just everything we’ve been through and all you’ve done for me. I appreciate those and most of all, I appreciate you. You’re wonderful, you know that. I’m lucky to have you, and I will stick with you to the end. I love you so very much! Happy Mom’s Day, Mommy!

What are those memorable times you had with your mom? 

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