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Announcement of Elections Results in the Philippines

The final results for the senators and the winners of the local elections will be out tomorrow according to the news yesterday. However, the announcement of the winners of the presidency and vice presidency will be done by the end of the month [around May 31 they said].

However, as it stands now, it looks like the only thing we’re really after is the results of the vice president. Since there are only approximately 4.9 million votes left for tallying, Erap has no chance of taking over Noynoy Aquino anymore even if he wins all of those 4.9 million votes. The former is trailing behind the latter by a little more than 5 million, so there really is no chance.

As for Binay and Roxas, the two have a difference of almost a million votes, and with 4.9 million votes still to go, there’s still really a chance for Roxas to catch up and overtake Binay. But, who knows? Anything can happen, so we’re still in for some suspense.

Tune in for the announcement tomorrow and of course, more importantly, on May 31 [or even before that].

I know it’s a long time just to know the results. It’s frustrating, but of course, we want to know.

And we have the right to know.

So, tell me, what do you think will happen in the vice presidential race? Will Roxas catch up or will Binay still emerge as the winner?


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