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Better Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer has been one of the deadliest diseases to invade our world, and up until today, the causes, like many of the cures, are still unknown. Certain treatments have been introduced through the years, such as chemotherapy and surgery, but these do not go as far as being able to cure a patient completely or as far as not having any side effects. In fact, chemotherapy has been rumored to aggravate cancer more because of the radiation.

Chemotherapy - not the best idea for treatment

We’ve also heard about the use of anticancer drugs, which are designed to prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading, but these have also been found to be harmful since they cause other normal cells to suffer. Because of this, the quest to find a universal treatment for cancer is still something researchers are working on.

Cancer cell

Few months ago, we’ve heard about Fuda Cancer Hospital, which is dedicated to finding innovative ways to treat cancer. The doctors are trying to look for better and safer alternatives to already existing and known treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. One of these is called the cryosurgery, which is a method that applies extreme cold to destroy the diseased tissue.

Fuda Cancer Hospital - Guangzhou, China

The said hospital provides different kinds of treatments for different kinds of cancer because as we all know, each type of cancer possesses different properties and behaviors. Also, the doctors do not necessarily follow the same plan for all patients with similar type of cancer. They look into the patients individually and discuss with them the best treatment. For a list of general cancer treatment plans for the different types of cancer, please refer here. However, the types of cancer that they provide treatments to are not limited to these. Patients can contact the hospital for further information on this and probably even schedule an appointment with one of their specialized doctors to discuss their cases.

Some of the cancer therapies that Fuda provides are photodynamic therapy, immunotherapy, and vascular intervention. Click here for more information about these. These are also forms of treatment that patients can look into, but it would still be best to discuss the best option with one of Fuda’s doctors.

Cryosurgery - better than chemotherapy

Fuda Cancer Hospital is located in Guangzhou, China, and is slowly gaining popularity for the many success stories in dealing with cancer. However, don’t get me wrong. The hospital doesn’t cure cancer; it only helps the patients in their treatment. Up until now, there is no cure for cancer. Patients can only have treatments that will help them deal with cancer. The therapies will help them have longer lives because these destroy the cells and the tumors that are causing the cancer, and those offered by Fuda are better alternatives because they cause lesser side effects than, let’s say, chemotherapy. And possibly, even cheaper than chemotherapy.

At the hospital...

We have heard about some of the success stories of some people who have tried the treatments at Fuda in one of the local TV shows. The patients said that they feel much better and it feels like that the cancer cells and tumors have stopped growing and spreading after going to Fuda. In short, the patients have somewhat gained better living experiences. We’ve also heard about someone who was “cured” in her 4th stage of cancer. We don’t know if the “cure” is for certain, but she certainly has been cheerier than ever.

If you would like to know more about Fuda’s services, you can check out their website. There’s even an online support where someone will entertain your questions through chat [which I found particularly interesting].

Who knows? They might come up with a real cure for cancer someday!

(we all hope so)

One comment on “Better Cancer Treatment Alternatives

  1. Morph Review
    July 15, 2010

    Just what is it with regards to examining things through someone else’s viewpoint that delivers such a great perspective? This and some other articles on your blog here most certainly give some things to think about. I actually wound up here through Yahoo when I was doing some online research for some of the course work that I should probably be working on. Always good times reading through and I’m hopeful that you keep things up. Enjoy the week.

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