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Your Greatest Nightmare’s Here

One, two… Freddy’s coming for you…

You know he's back!

The creepy Freddy Krueger is back to haunt you and your dreams, or should I say, your nightmares. His sharp metal fingers are ready to strike again as you close your eyes. Will you dare sleep?

Don't sleep... you know he's going to come and get you if you do

A remake of the 1984 horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street comes back this year with a whole new cast as victims and a new Freddy as their greatest nightmare. With 6 sequels in the original series, this year’s nightmare is just the beginning.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Scream all you want but you can never get Freddy out of your dreams

As much as this film sounds promising for a successful horror experience, the remake didn’t quite live up to its original version. From a 95% rating given to the original in RottenTomatoes, the remake only received a 14%. Now, that is some serious downfall.

Who will save you now?

Ignoring any comparison between the original and this remake, let’s talk about the 2010 version. Well, I wouldn’t agree exactly with the 14% rating that was given by the critics in Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either. In fact, it was a disappointment. I was actually expecting something that would give me a good scarefest, but what happened was that the movie just gave me a lot of surprised and gory moments. I wouldn’t exactly equate that to horror because in a real horror film, you would feel the urge to scream because of the heart-thumping scenes and it would really cause you sleepless nights. But, A Nightmare on Elm Street didn’t exactly give me that.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The victims had sleepless nights, but the movie didn't make me have one

I think the movie relied too much on these gory scenes for a successful production, but I think we have the Saw series to give us that gory-tastic experience. The plot wasn’t even something new. In fact, it was like a film that put Final Destination and The Exorcism of Emily Rose together.Add to that some Saw scenes. I just didn’t quite seem to see its innovative side to horror. The flow of the story was boring because the next scenes are already anticipated. There’s nothing there to excite you. Freddy’s just there to make a big, surprising entrance, but apart from that, there really isn’t anything to look forward to. The conclusion was even a cliché.

It was just Freddy who we're after and not exactly the movie

However, not everything about the movie was disappointing. I was actually amused with certain scenes. Well, I know it’s not supposed to be comedic, but some parts were. That is not supposed to be commendable but at least, it made use of something to kill the boring flow of the story. I also love the expressions of some of the actors in the film, such as that of Kellan Lutz (Dean) and Katie Cassidy (Kris). They were really expressive with the fear part. Of course, I love the laughter and the voice of the new Freddy (played by Jackie Earle Haley). It was really, really creepy – just the sound I was looking for in a boogeyman. Kudos!

He is so much better when he is just Jackie

So, A Nightmare on Elm Street didn’t exactly become one of my craziest nightmares when it comes to horror films, but I guess it’s still worth a watch, especially for those who are trying to complete their lists of horror films watched.

So, what does Freddy really want?

He wants you to watch him kill his favorite victims.

Are you up for it?

Rating: 6/10



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