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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Philippines’ Next Leaders

The votes have been cast, and the results are finally in!

After months of anticipation and campaign, a day of voting, and days of transmission of results from the PCOS [Precinct Count Optical Scan] machines to Comelec and PPCRV for the tally, the May 2010 elections in the Philippines has finally come to an end.

It's finally over!

Congratulations to the winners of both national and local elections! I hope we have all given our votes to people who really deserve them. As of now, the only announced winners are the 9 out of 12 senators for the national elections and those of the local elections. For the president and vice, the results will be announced by the Congress by the end of the month, and I’ll keep you posted.

PCOS machine

Listed below are the senatorial candidates who made it to the Magic 12:

1. Bong Revilla (Lakas-Kampi) – 18,218,514

2. Jinggoy Estrada (PMP) – 17,722,162

3. Miriam Defensor Santiago (PRP) – 16,066,001

4. Franklin Drilon (LP) – 14,770,612

5. Juan Ponce Enrile (PMP) – 14,695,263

6. Pia Cayetano (NP) – 12,821,946

7. Bongbong Marcos (NP) – 12,372,118

8. Ralph Recto (LP) – 11,640,679

9. Vicente Sotto III (NPC) – 11,160,077

10. Sergio Osmena III (LP) – 11,583,854

11. Lito Lapid (Lakas-Kampi) – 10,971,045

12. Teofisto Guingona III (LP) – 10,200,293

Your senators 2010

As for the local elections, I will be posting only the winners of the major cities in NCR for mayor and vice-mayor since there are really a lot. For a complete list, please refer here.

For Manila: mayor – Alfredo Lim; vice-mayor: Isko Moreno

Lim and Moreno

For Makati: mayor – Junjun Binay; vice-mayor: Romulo Pina

For San Juan: mayor – Guia Gomez; vice-mayor: Francisco Zamora

For Quezon City: mayor – Herbert Bautista; vice-mayor – Joy Belmonte

Bautista and Belmonte

For Mandaluyong: mayor – Benjamin Abalos, Jr.; vice-mayor: Danilo de Guzman

And there go your votes which you’ve casted together with your sweat and headaches. Let me just say that the system of voting has been very unruly and ineffective! Aside from the fact that there have been many incidents of burning PCOS machines, armed people who are blocking voters, buying votes, failure of elections in a few cities, and people who were killed along the streets, the clustered precinct system was a lot of hassle. Imagine – a lot of people waiting for almost 3-4 hours in line just to get hold of a ballot and then when they are about to insert the ballot into the machine, they have to take a lot of minutes just to make the insertion successful. Imagine the heat, the sweat, the hunger, the noise, the headaches… all the inconveniences. No wonder many of the voters just chose to go home. And take note, we’re using automated elections and not manual elections.


About to start voting


One of the many problems that voters had was that their names didn’t appear in the list of registered voters in the precinct that they were assigned to go, so that had to take additional time. People lining up had to wait longer which made them impatient and caused them to leave, which wasted a number of probable votes. The percentage of those who voted this year was at 75% which Comelec said was the largest compared to previous elections (2004 and 1998). However, I’m sure the percentage would have been bigger if the system was a lot more efficient. At one point, I’m actually sad that Comelec didn’t make sure of a smooth and convenient voting system, but at another, I’m actually very happy that despite the problems that were encountered, there were still a lot who put up with it and voted which, in my opinion, reflected their care for the country. Good job voters! I salute you! 🙂

So freaking hot!

As for the winning candidates, I am okay, well, I am smiling with the current outcome, but not with the results, of the presidential and vice presidential race, and I am extremely unhappy with the results of the senatorial race. Personally, I am for Gibo because unlike many people who don’t want to vote for him because he’s pro-administration and who think he is not fit for the position yet because he lacks political experience, I think that he has ideas for the improvement of this country. I like his platforms, and I think that experience is secondary to ideas. But, of course, things didn’t go as I would like it to be [although I already know this from the start but I just want to make my stand – that I believe in Gibo].

I believe in Gibo!

I’m however slightly happy with Noynoy as the incoming president. He’s my second choice anyway. I placed him second because I don’t know if he’s really ready to take on the position. I’m somewhat questioning his capability to lead. I know he has the brains; I’m just not sure if he knows how to properly use it. I’m also scared that he looks like someone who can’t have a firm stand on things. I have my doubts on him, but I hope he’ll give peace to those doubts of mine. Mr. Noynoy, I hope that you will be able to prove your anti-corruption platform and lead us to a better tomorrow. Be that beacon that many presidents have failed to be. The Filipinos believe in you; it’s about time that you give a realization to that belief.

Noynoy, we believe in you; prove to us that we are right in doing so

The reason why I’m not happy with the results is because Erap placed second. Don’t me wrong – I’m not mad at Erap; I just don’t want him to win… again. The thing is, people never learn. Erap was president once, and he was a failure. He was impeached and imprisoned, and now he’s back to regain his glory. Why on earth will we give him such a “risky” second chance? He can prove his worth somewhere else. Presidency is a crucial position, and we don’t need you, Erap, to screw it for you to get revenge at Pres. Arroyo and for you to show that you can lead. If you really care about this country, you know that running for president isn’t the right decision. Trust me. And for the people who voted for him, my only question is ‘why’. I don’t understand why you did that. I’m not condemning you for doing so because that is your right. I just want to know why you voted for someone who is clearly someone who can’t lead this country as proven back during Edsa Dos.

Edsa Dos - 2001

Moving on to the other candidates, I actually felt bad for Villar. Not that I want him to win, it’s just that after he was bashed with so many issues [which he created himself] and after spending millions [maybe even billions] on commercials and ads, not only did he not win, the margin between his votes and those of Aquino and Erap’s was pretty big. He must be really depressed with the outcome, so I guess that was why he conceded to Noynoy even before the tallying of the results was over. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m proud of Villar’s move because after all those times he was proud, today, he humbly accepted his defeat. Good job, Villar!

Manny Villar conceding

With 82.91% of the votes in the Tuesday afternoon after the elections, Villar, along with Gibo, JC delos Reyes, and Gordon conceded to frontrunner Noynoy. They congratulated him for his win, and it seems like that they were all happy for him. That was very sport of you guys, and I salute you. Good luck with your next political careers! And Gibo, I will see you soon in the presidential elections [2016 maybe?]. Swear, you should consider the idea. I think you will make a good president; prove me and your other supporters right.

Forever Gibo

Binay almost winning as vice president was something that surprised me [and maybe a lot of people out there too]. I didn’t really expect him to be in the lead [no offense Binay]. I thought that Mar Roxas’ win was more or less a landslide, but it turned out that the fight between the two was very, very tight. It was a close call, but come Tuesday morning after the elections, the gap widened more, reaching almost a million votes in difference  – that was when I realized that it was Binay who the Filipinos wanted to see in position more although I still don’t understand the sudden transition because the polls always reflected Roxas to be the frontrunner. I just don’t know what happened in the last few days before the elections that could have triggered such a transition. I personally want Roxas, but Binay is alright with me. I know that both of them have the capability to be vice president, so no problem with that one. It was just surprising, that’s all. However, I was greatly disappointed with Binay after he made statements saying that he might be tricked with the results. I mean, you’re already the winner during that time, it’s just not sport of you to say things like that. It’s like you’re accusing Roxas of stealing your votes even before the final results are out. It’s just very disappointing to hear something as shallow or low as that from someone like him.

Will Binay beat Roxas

What I’m extremely furious about is the outcome of the senatorial race. The list looks more like that of a cast of a local movie rather than a list of concerned politicians. 5 out of the 12 candidates are local actors, not to mention that the top 2 leading senatorial candidates are actors who have not done anything during their terms back then. Seriously, what is up with these winners? Out of the 12 listed, I think only 3 or 4 of them have plans for this country. All the rest are just there for the titles and for the goal of being more popular so they could advance to a higher position in the future. This is so frustrating! I’m sorry guys, but most of you just don’t deserve to be there in the Senate world because you don’t have anything in mind for the betterment of this country. Now, prove me wrong, and we will all be happy.

What will happen to the Senate now?

Up until now, people are still more inclined to vote for actors or for popular people even though they must know that these can’t contribute anything productive. Well, I must not blame them – there really isn’t any much of a choice in the senatorial candidates. It’s just that they could’ve have just chosen not to vote for any if they saw no one to be fit rather than vote for some useless senatorial veterans. Again, senatorial winners, prove me wrong so I [and with the others who share my same sentiments] will stop calling you useless/worthless.

Don't make us throw you in the trash bin.

But, the elections is over, so whatever I say won’t make much of a difference, but I just hope in the coming elections, we will really learn. I mean, really, really learn. It’s just sad how we can’t find worthy candidates anymore these days. But, as it stands now, all I can say is congratulations again to the winners.

Congratulations guys! Don't waste our votes!



Please give justice to the votes you have received by striving to make Philippines a better place for the Filipinos to live in. I know it may sound cliché, but we all know that it hasn’t happened yet, so who cares if it is cliché. Please show all of us that you deserved the win. Do something that will benefit this country and its citizens.

Sana gumawa po talaga kayo ng pagbabago. Sana ipakita ninyong may pag-asa pang puwedeng panghawakan ang mga mamamayan ng bansang ito. Paki balik po ang mga pag-asang nawala at bigyan ninyo kami ng rasong maniwala na gaganda pa ang kinabukasan ng bawat Pilipino sa bansang ito. Naniniwala ako [at maraming ibang mga Pilipino] na kaya ninyo ito – sana huwag ninyo kami bibiguin. Nandito kami para suportahin kayo. Basta’t maging totoo kayo, hindi kayo iiwanan ng bayan. Kasama ninyo kami sa ihahatid ninyong pagbabago. Ang hingi lamang namin ay maging maganda kayong ehemplo at huwag ninyo lalong palulubugin ang bayan. Maging totoo, maging mapagmalasakit, may mapupuntahan tayong matino. [I hope you really make a change. I hope you can show us that we can still hold on to a thing called hope. Please return the hopes that have been lost and give us a reason to believe that there will be a brighter future for each and every citizen of this country. I [and many other Filipinos] believe that you can make this happen – I hope you won’t let us down. We are here to support you. Just be honest, and this country will not leave you. We are with you in your efforts to make a change. What we only ask is that you become good examples and do not let the country fall even more. Be honest, be caring, and we will be on our way to something better.]

We are all in this together! And we believe in your leadership!

Will you lead us to a better and brighter tomorrow?

We all hope so.


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