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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

The New Neopets

Back in the 90s and early 2000, a lot of kids were obsessed with Tamagotchi, a digital pet game released by Japan. The goal of the game is to keep your digital pet happy and content by feeding it and playing with it. It’s like keeping a real pet except that it doesn’t look like your ordinary dog or cat and you can’t touch it. It’s like having a portable pet without having to clean up its mess and checking if he’s still with you or is running away.

The very famous Tamagotchi

Few years later, the virtual pet game, Neopets, became a gaming phenomenon. Thousands of people signed up as users and adopted Neopets. The idea seemed like that of Tamagotchi, but Neopets embraced more users because it’s free and it’s more fun since it has more features. In Neopets, users can open shops, play games, earn money [called neopoints] which they can use to buy stuff for their neopets, go on quests, and even have their neopets battle other pets. They can even win trophies and create a neohome for their pets. Lately, the site also allowed users to have neofriends. So, basically, it’s more interactive than Tamagotchi. And this time, the pets look more realistic and more colorful – resembling those of Pokemons and Digimons.


How’s your pet doing? Mine’s dying.
Some of the cute neopets – Kougra, Kacheek, and Aisha

Just recently, we heard a new online interactive pet game is on the move. It’s called Moshi Monsters. It’s basically like Neopets but a lot cuter! As of now, there are only 6 monsters to choose from when you’re adopting one. And let me say, Katsuma, Diavlo, and Poppet are extremely cute!


L-R: Katsuma, Diavlo, Furi, Zommer, Poppet, and Luvli

Moshi Monsters has almost the same concept as Neopets. You have a home for your pet, you customize your pet and your home, you play games to earn “money” [this time it’s called Rox], and you buy stuff for your pets [or monsters]. You can also interact with your friends here. The only edge this has over Neopets is that the “pets” are really cute, especially when you tickle them. The games are also cool, except that most of them are pretty easy peasy, suitable mostly for younger kids. If you’re a little older, around the teen stage, you might find the games boring over time. You’d still enjoy them but not as much.


Some of the games

Moshi Monsters… will it be a worldwide pet gaming phenomenon too, like Neopets?





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