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Glee Goes Gaga!

It may have been the most expensive episode so far, but episode 20 of Glee entitled “Theatricality” is the epitome of amazing! That is, second to the “Power of Madonna” episode which remains to be the most wonderful production since the start of the first season.

Madonna and Lady Gaga must be proud!

The episode featured two songs from Lady Gaga’s collection, namely “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face”, where Glee made an acoustic rendition of the latter, which was sang as a duet by Rachel [Lea Michele] and Shelby [Idina Menzel]. When I first read about this, I was pretty scared that it might not turn out okay, but when I heard the song in the latest episode, it was jaw-dropping. Good job you guys!

And of course, the greatest part of this episode was “Bad Romance”, as in if I can give a standing ovation, I will gladly do so! Super bravo, Glee! I love the song, the way the cast sang it, and of course, the weird but super fabulous outfits!!! I must admit that I have never appreciated “Bad Romance” as much as I did when I saw Glee performed last night. I can’t get enough of it! I super love it! Kudos! I badly want to watch them perform it live. They had a tour in Los Angeles, but since I’m living nowhere near the States, I just have to get contented with the TV version, but all I can say is WOW! I’m watching the live version again and again because it’s just so wonderful! I’m in awe, really!

Have you seen Kurt [Chris Colfer]? It’s amazing how he can still dance with those shoes! I’m just speechless! But the whole outfit looks like a retro futuristic with a pinch of Renaissance kind of thing. It’s cool how they all those got so beautifully tied up together.

Glee Goes Gaga for Gaga at the Phoenix Concert on May 15, 2010

Kurt with his very Gaga shoes

And Rachel’s [Lea Michele] black mini outfit is cute! Okay, so she may have worn the stuffed-toy-inspired outfit during the number in the episode but you can’t expect her to wear something as weirdly hideous as that in the live version.

Rachel Berry in her stuffed-toy-inspired costume

Santana [Naya Rivera] was a real fashionista with her Gaga costume! Love the hat! And look at that fierceness in her dance! Amazing!

Santana - fierce in black!

Mercedes [Amber Riley] looks fantastic in her silver futuristic outfit. I just wish the lower half of her costume was also glittery, but it looks fine as it is although I would say that her outfit was not as controversial or as cute as the others. The costume designers could have gotten something prettier or “odder” than this.

Mercedes in her futurama outfit

And Quinn Fabray [Dianna Agron] looks so pretty in her pink dress! And it’s a plus for those pink feathers that are attached to her eyelids. Don’t those hurt? But, she’s prettier than ever with her outfit, and I love how she dances! Thumbs up Dianna!

Quinn Fabray - pretty in pink!

And what’s up with Tina’s [Jenna Ushkowitz] costume? It’s not the fabulous type but it’s so cute! She looks like a kid gone wild with her clothes [and bubbles], but I love it too. It fits her, especially with the white wig and boots! Cute!

Tina Cohen-Chang with Santana and Quinn at the back

Brittany [Heather Morris] may not have the most controversial outfit, but that scorpion mask where the claws circled around her eyes was so cute! That was truly a Gaga mark. And she was so wild and intense in the number! In my opinion, she’s the most powerful dancer in the group. She always gives  her all. Good job, Heather! And, seriously, Glee should give her a solo.

Brittany with her fierce-looking scorpion mask!

Overall, the episode was just a big thumbs up, a big wow… whatever you wanna call it, but I’m sure we all agree that it was a real bombshell! I hope that Glee can come up with more of like this in its second season which I can’t wait to be released!

The Glee Cast Performs Live in Arizona

So gaga for Glee! Are you?


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    February 8, 2011


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