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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Goodbye Tyra Banks Show!

Five amazing seasons, thousands of heartwarming stories… and the wonderful show that brought us all these has come to an end just recently. It’s a sad, sad spectacle to see the Tyra Banks Show say goodbye. It was a show unlike many others and maybe even the pioneer show which allowed ordinary [disturbed maybe?] people to share their life stories to all of America and even beyond America. Through the show, I’m sure many viewers have found themselves a connection through these stories. And I guess it’s not just the being-able-to-relate part, but we have become more aware of what’s wrong with the world. Unlike ordinary shows which cover only the usuals, such as celebrity gossip, the Tyra Banks Show feature real-life themes/stories, such as teen pornography, lesbianism, and body insecurities in many of its episodes.

The Tyra Banks Show was really something

Why the show has come to an end is something nobody can clear up for us, but what we do know is that its final episode brought tears to many of us. I’m sure even Tyra is shedding a tear or two. As she bids farewell to her loyal viewers, she walks the Tyra Banks Show runway for the last time as she exits to the backstage. She even stooped down [with poise of course] and kissed the stage floor. This show really means a lot to her and not only to her. Many people, I am sure, have grown from watching it. So, thank you Tyra! Thank you to the producers and creators of this show! Those five years were really something!

Levi Johnston on Tyra Banks Show

We’ve seen many shows say goodbye, but not all have touched our hearts as much as the Tyra Banks Show did.

I’m really sad that it has to just end like this, but I’m also very happy that something like this was born into the entertainment business.

It was fun while it lasted.


2 comments on “Goodbye Tyra Banks Show!

  1. tyrafan
    June 6, 2010

    Thanks for a great show Tyra!!!


  2. rochelgervais
    June 6, 2010

    tyra your show amase me an watchin ur show is the best thing i ever seen.I am from st lucia an i don’t know y u say goodbye to ur people. goodbye an enjoy whatever u going to do bye .

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