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Dianna Agron: One of People’s Most Beautiful

She’s better known as the bitchy-cheerleading-captain-who-got-pregnant-and-got-kicked-out-of-her-own-house Quinn Fabray in everyone’s favorite TV musical Glee, but outside of that, she’s just Dianna Agron, one of Hollywood’s prettiest sweethearts. So, okay, maybe she’s not JUST Dianna Agron.

Sweet and charming

This year, she’s not only making a breakthrough in the television business. She’s also making her mark as a pretty face on the rise. Joining big Hollywood stars such as Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Adam Lambert, Jake Gyllenhaal and many others in People’s list of the Most Beautiful 2010 is this young charming gal. And we are very happy for you, Dianna! Congratulations!

Dianna's People Magazine Shoot {UNTAGGED} - dianna-agron photo

Dianna's photo shoot for People Magazine

I am such a HUGE Dianna Agron fan, and I just couldn’t help it but to dedicate at least one of my posts for one of her biggest moments. It is one of my biggest dreams to meet her and the rest of the Glee cast in person.

Someday... I hope.

Dianna, I’m so proud of you! I’m sure all of your fans out there are too! She truly deserves to be on the list because aside from being very pretty [everyone, remember the Gaga episode], she’s really nice, sweet, and smart. If you’ve gone through her tumblr,  you know she’s got some real good stuff there. And not to mention, she can really be funny too. Take a look at the video where she shared about her high school story of getting punched in the nose and where she said, “But you should be aware of your surroundings and notice when someone’s swinging arms and I didn’t.”

And, one of the other good ones is the story about her Glee audition that includes hair straightening inside a Starbuck’s bathroom. “Hurray for Starbuck’s… and their bathrooms!” Everyone, you should watch this, as in I really recommend this one. It’s really funny!

So, anyway, Dianna, I hope you already told your mom about the big news. It was actually funny when she was interviewed in Entertainment Tonight and she said, “I should probably tell my mom…” Yeah, I think you should too.

I think she hasn’t actually told anybody yet about her being on People magazine’s Most Beautiful until ET spilled it for her. Aww… talk about humility. See? This is one of the reasons why we love Dianna. When asked what real beauty is for her, this is all she’s got to say:

Again, congratulations Dianna! Keep up the good work in Glee [I really hope they give you more solos] and good luck with your future projects [I hope ‘I Am Number Four’ is pushing through]!

Dianna Agron - dianna-agron photo

We just can't get enough of Dianna Agron, can we?

Continue being beautiful, witty, and humble, Dianna!

We are always behind you! And we love you!


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