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International Children’s Day: The Essence of It

International Women’s Day was so 3 months ago, and International Men’s Day is still 5 months away. In the middle of these two, we celebrate International Children’s Day. Yes, that’s today! Although this occasion is not celebrated at the same time in all countries, meaning some celebrate it later or earlier, let’s just take this day as a day for all of us to remember the gift of children.

Just look at those happy faces!

Today, let us remember the many kids who have been abused and exploited and still being are in many places around the globe, especially in Third World countries. Today, we offer a prayer for them and we vow to help them in any way we can. The maltreatment has got to stop. I know it’s difficult, but if we all work together and find a solution to poverty and injustice, we will be able to knock it down.

But you can help her even without her telling you to do so.

Abuse of children, such as human trafficking, is not something these kids deserve. You know they deserve something more, so much more than what they are experiencing now. They want that to have a better life too, but how can they when they’re pressed against the wall of poverty and hunger? They are being auctioned like paintings and anyone can get a kid slave for as low as $300. At least some paintings are being sold up to $10,000. These kids are being sold for just $300! And parents sell their kids like they’re selling cheese in the grocery. They’re not commodities for goodness’ sake! They’re people! So, please help them. Support anti-human trafficking organizations (humantrafficking.org, New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition, notforsalecampaign.org, etc.). Fight for these kids’ rights by writing about them, featuring them in your videos, campaigning against human trafficking, signing up petitions for their freedom, write to your local/national leaders about how your community can help them… anything. It doesn’t matter how you help them. Just do it. They don’t know how else they can get out of that trafficking hole. It’s our job to take them out of it.

They are afraid. They are threatened. They don’t know what else to do. They don’t know who else they can turn to. You have the power. You, we have the freedom to move about and give them their freedom. Why not start today? Learn what you can do by visiting those websites I’ve mentioned above.

They were supposed to be the futures of this world, but it looks like some people are already killing that future as early as decades ago. Won’t you do anything to save those futures?

They're supposed to be carrying books, not bricks

He's supposed to be playing with toy guns, not with machine guns

They're supposed to play with Lego, not with cement

There are millions of children around the world who are being sold and used as slaves. You don’t want to make that 1 million a 1 million and one.

So, what are you going to do about it?

I hope that you have finally understood what the true essence of International Children’s Day is.

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