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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

After Bieber and Greyson…

We’ve heard about Justin Bieber and his wonderful Youtube success story, and yes, now, he’s one of the sensational boys in the music industry, hypnotizing thousands of girls with each of his new songs. Bieber fever, yes? Sounds familiar?

How's the Bieber fever treating you, JB boy?

Then, not so long ago, we heard about 12-year old Greyson Chance making a name for himself as the Oklahoma kid who revolutionized Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on the piano and on vocals. And ever since Ellen featured him on her show, his videos have reached more than 4,000,000 views! So, is he the next Bieber? Or is he better than Bieber? For me, it’s the latter. Greyson’s voice is unique for his age, and it’s a wonder. And, that piano skill? Now, that is really something!

And, just recently, Joseph Vincent wowed us with his voice as he makes his own renditions of certain songs on his guitar. The 20-year old Filipino has already made two returns to the Ellen Degeneres Show. The said talk show was also the discoverer of this brilliant talent in its segment, Wonderful Web of Wonderment, where they search for amazing talented people on Youtube and invite them to the show [so, seriously, I think they should name it Ellen’s Hunt for the Next Youtube Wonder or something like that]. But, I believe Joseph will go a long way. I love his voice. I seriously do. It’s sweet and full of emotions that it makes you want to tap your feet and rock your head. But, Joseph, you’ve got to be careful with your song choice. Songs like those of Lady Gaga are not so fitting for your voice. I’ve watched your “Bad Romance” cover, and it’s not as great as your “Cooler Than Me” performance on Ellen. So just be a little careful. But, that fact doesn’t make you any less amazing. So, good job and good luck!

So, ladies and gentlemen, here’s Joseph Vincent singing “Cooler Than Me” on Ellen.

And let me just share my favorite cover of this dude where he sang Rihanna’s “Rude Boy”. Honestly, I thought his version sounds better [no offense Rihanna]. Maybe I think it’s because it’s softer so it comes as more pleasant to the ears than Rihanna’s more intense version. So, friends, here it is…

Now that this Youtube-to-Hollywood trend is reaching new heights, who is next to be discovered?


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