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Catching Glee’s Funk Fever

After the phenomenal Gaga episode that Glee gave us last week, I wasn’t exactly sure how the next episode can top that, but knowing the show, it must have something prepared that will wow us all. And I wasn’t disappointed with Wednesday’s “Funk” episode. It was one word: INTENSE.

Sue and Schue Almost Kiss

Sue-Schue love team? I so want that to happen!

Come on, don’t tell me you didn’t get all excited when Mr. Schue was seducing Sue Sylvester and when they were about to kiss! That was really hot! That was one guilty pleasure, Will! We know you’ve always wanted to do that. But, hey, who knew he could actually find the guts to do it! And that was what this episode is really about. It’s really about taking risks, letting the characters do what they haven’t done in the past. Finding something new. Experimenting. And bravo! They’ve pulled it off quite spectacularly!

Mercedes in Episode 1.21, "Funk"

They're here, yo!

And who knew Puck and Finn could rap? I mean with Mercedes, it’s kinda imaginable, but with those two boys? Not really… until they showed what they got in “Funk”. Pretty good, I should say. With Puck trying to somewhat perform his own breakdance and Finn trying to dress up like a real rapper (with the blings of course), these two really rocked the house!

It was already okay but...

But, not all scenes are thumbs up in this episode, sad to say. Quinn’s performance of “It’s A Man’s, Man’s Man’s World” would have been perfect if not for the pregnant women as background dancers. They kind of freaked me out a bit. A little off, I should say. The song was really nice and Dianna Agron’s voice was amazing. But the background dancers? Uh… awkward? I don’t know if it’s the dance routine or their mere presence that was weird, but either way, it was just not pretty to watch. Sorry, Glee, but dancing pregnant women is not the most flattering background for a pregnant mother’s solo.

Although there was that one teenie weenie awkward scene back there in the episode, it doesn’t take away the awesomeness that it brought us, especially in their final number. Even Vocal Adrenaline was filled with awe, and Jesse was depressed. Well, he’s got a reason to because Vocal Adrenaline’s going down in the regionals! Oh yeah! But, first, a shoutout to Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel). That deep voice at the beginning of the song was something. Never thought he could do it, but then again, Glee proves us wrong. That was another brilliantly executed risk. Good job! Although many people are wondering about the genuineness of that voice, Chris Colfer tweets “And yes, that was really me in “Give Up The Funk.” The cast didn’t believe it either at first.” So, looks like problem solved.

And wow, I love those outfits! And that dance number was really groovy! You just can’t help but dance with them at home. I was dancing in front of my television. Good thing my mom wasn’t around. It would have been embarrassing! But, hey, how can’t you not move your body to that tune and to the cast’s energy? Yeah, Vocal Adrenaline, how can you not? Even our favorite pregnant girl Quinn Fabray was dancing!

Intense. Energetic. Hot.

Alright, gleeks, next stop: regionals.


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