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Say No to Whale Murder!

It’s been a long time since anyone or any country has stepped forward to talk to Japan and Norway about whaling, or whale killing more specifically. Campaigns and petitions have been made by many advocates of anti-whale killing to prevent the extinction of the said animal. One of them is by the Marine Mammal Conservation Through the Arts. This organization actually released a video few days back which featured a very cute boy telling people to stop killing whales.

Just look at his face while he’s talking. Just listen to him talk about the whales. So passionate, so pure, yet so firm about what he wants to convey to people. How could you not get moved? And seriously, how could we not love whales? How could anyone want to kill them?

A cute Beluga whale!

Well, apparently, some people don’t care about appreciating whales or about the fact that they’re slowly becoming extinct because of them. Perfect examples? Japan and Norway. While other countries are responding positively to the international ban on whaling, these two countries continue to defy this campaign. Each year, they hunt down more than 2000 whales for what Japan reasons out as for “scientific purposes” or better termed as “research”. Well, even if that’s true, research doesn’t call for the deaths of 1000 whales! Not even the death of one whale! What kind of research are you pertaining to? Whale torture research?

Japan's "whale torture program"

And Norway is no better! They are, on the other hand, killing whales for “commercial purposes”. They even said that they have the right to use their natural resources. Uhm, excuse me Norway, those whales are not YOUR natural resources. They belong to the world; the whales just happen to have swum into your portion of the ocean. Soon enough, those whales will swim somewhere else, so don’t get all possessive! And commercial purposes? You’re serving whale meat like you’re serving chicken soup? At least chicken soup’s made of chemically-produced stuff that companies can just remake for you to re-serve to your customers. How difficult is for you to understand that whales are getting fewer and fewer because of you people? How complex is the idea that whales are not meant for killing because they don’t just grow from random seeds on the street? That they are harmless creatures that we should allow to grow and move freely.

Norway's whale exploitation

You two countries disgust me and millions of people in the world! You ought to be ashamed of your inhumane acts! Really, you should! What kind of humans are you? Clearly, some specie I don’t belong to!

This points out what they've been really killing whales for

Just recently, Australia vowed to challenge Japan in this whole whale murder issue at the International Court of Justice. And I salute Australia for making this move because despite the fact that Japan and Australia share a very good trading relationship, the latter was brave enough to put that on risk in order to fight for the whales’ rights. Bravo Australia! But, Japan did say that this whale issue is not going to affect its economic relationship with Australia. Now, I really hope this challenge is going to cause Japan to completely put a halt to its whale hunting “mission”. Many attempts have been made but have failed. Really, this just has got to stop! But Japan said that they are well-prepared with their reasons that are tied to some law and blah, blah, blah if this really goes to court. And they’re really proud of it, huh? Just so heartless. Shame on you!

Australia, we are so behind you on this! Hopefully, this time, it will resolve everything.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone!

And favor, please share this to other people, so that we can make our stand on anti-whale murder stronger.

Let’s all fight for the whales!

Let our ‘no to whale murder’ be heard, and hopefully, we can finally put a stop to this inhumane act.

*Click here for the full story.

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