a. bucket. of. words.

by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Art Love

People are so busy nowadays that they always find themselves in a situation where they’re always stressed that they are slowly losing the art of living. They are only focused on work, studies, careers, and all those stuff that we consider to be “essential to survival”. I, for one, am obsessed with these things. I know you are too, so don’t deny it. Just recently, I came across an amazing music video by the Grizzly Bear which is filled with so much creativity that it just made me smile and realize that life is not all about working and achieving. It’s also about exploring the art in me and finding time to pause and appreciate the wonder around me.

So, here is that wonderful music video that I’m talking about. The way its art is created is just so cool. Better than MTV’s in-between art randomness. Enjoy!

We should learn how to love life by appreciation and by exploration. Be creative! Find that artsy fartsy you. It’s in there; it just needs a nudge.

Live life! Love life! You don’t get a second shot at it when you lose it.


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On a tweet spree

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  • Saw an amazing around-the-world video! Makes me want to just drop out of college and go to Morocco or Argentina right now. tweeted 5 years ago
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