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Alejandro’s In Town

She gave a whole new twist to the music industry and there’s no doubt that she has also revolutionized the meaning of fashion. Well, at least she is the only one who is able to pull off out-of-this-world outfits and crazy headdresses with grace.

Lady Gaga will sure be a legend in the future

Not even copycat Ke$ha can capture that kind of Lady Gaga glamor. Yeah, Kesha, you can never be like Lady Gaga! So stop trying too hard.

Don't try Gaga again, Ke$ha!

And when it comes to music? Hers are always hitting the charts! And they stay up there for quite some time before some other song knocks them down. But even so, these songs stay on people’s heads for as long as who knows when. Who won’t rock to Bad Romance, Poker Face, Telephone, and Just Dance? Even Glee dedicated half of one of its episodes to Gaga, and this made Bad Romance and Poker Face more popular than ever!

This month, Lady Gaga gives us her newest single Alejandro. You might have seen some sneak peeks of its music video a week before its release today, and so you must know that unlike her previous music videos, this one’s a little less disco-ish, especially at the start of it. Oohh… bringing in a little more drama, aren’t we, Gaga? So, ladies and gentlemen, here is Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Enjoy!

Gaga sure loves making videos with long durations!

Congratulations to your music video debut!


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