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And It Comes to Its First End

And it has finally come to its end. Of the first season that is. And what can I say? Glee’s grand season finale is a masterpiece, worthy of a thousand applauses! It was so much fun to watch, and the cast looked like they enjoyed it too! The Glee that we know and have come to loved just gets better and better with every new episode, and this finale is a reflection of its brilliance. And I just can’t stop smiling as I’m writing this.

I'm so proud of you guys!

What was so beautiful about the “Journey” episode is that it is a package of emotions. It’s like everything – energy, intensity, drama, romance – was rolled together into this one episode and was gracefully presented. For a while, I didn’t want to call it a TV show; I wanted to refer it as a piece of TV art that you just can’t stop watching.

These Glee kids have grown so much.

Just look at the numbers performed during the regionals! Those were just wow! Too bad we didn’t get to see ‘Aural Intensity’ perform. Well, the group didn’t have any hot role to play anyway, so what’s the point, right? But, hey, I want to see the justification of their winning as runners-up! How are we so sure that they are better than ‘New Directions’? But, their white costumes were cute. Yeah, I just had to convince myself that they deserve the runner-up trophy.

How could they have lost?

But, nobody can deny how much fun ‘New Directions’ brought to the screen with their performance. ‘Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ was amazing! I just couldn’t stop dancing to it. They got the whole auditorium jamming to that song. Why on earth didn’t Olivia Newton-John and that news anchor whose name I couldn’t remember not like it? It’s so frustrating! At least Josh Groban thought they had heart even though he changed his decision into not voting for ‘New Directions’. Who knew Josh was so fickle-minded?

Seeing him for the second time in Glee

Just looking at their performance of a ‘Journey’ medley, the Glee kids clearly had as much fun as we gleeks had. They’re all smiles, and you can just see how much they’re enjoying being up there on stage, singing and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Even Brad (the pianist) looks like he’s having so much fun while playing the piano for his favorite kids. And may I say that they all look stunning in their outfits! Look at Artie (Kevin Mchale)! He looks hotter than ever with his new hairdo. But every person on that stage looks incredible with their outfits and with their hairdos (especially the girls).

Too bad fab-looking Quinn had to go to the delivery room. Talk about right timing. She’s lucky though that she didn’t feel like giving birth during their number. Now that would be a real scandal! But you know what? I cried when I watched her being rushed to the hospital and while she was giving birth. I guess the way Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” while the scene of Quinn’s delivery was being shown was just something so touching. There was just that factor of drama. I mean, the whole team’s there (with the exception of Rachel who stayed behind to watch her ex-boyfriend sing and to talk with Shelby, her mom) to support Quinn, and then Quinn found a real friend in Mercedes, and then Puck was crying. Come on, Puck’s crying! When did that ever happen? So, you know, you can just feel the intensity of the song as you watch all those happening.

And speaking of Jesse St. James, his group ‘Vocal Adrenaline’ was intense! They were really on fire! Their performance was edgy and filled with so much energy! While ‘New Directions’ gave us a rather soft rocking music to dance to, ‘Vocal Adrenaline’ gave us a powerful performance to stare at. So that’s what made them stay on the top all these years! I’m convinced. But that’s presentation-wise because if we’re talking vocals, I think ‘New Directions’ has more to offer.

The fierce Jesse St. James

Aside from the energy and the intensity that we felt in the regionals, Glee offered us with so many other things that made this episode the best so far. We’ve already talked drama. Oh yes, there was a lot of drama in this episode. Apart from Quinn’s delivery and Puck’s teary-eyed look, another scene where it sent me crying was when each of the Glee kids said something to Mr. Schue as a farewell message because they thought their loss was the end of the glee club. And hurray for Harry Shum Jr. and Dijon Talton! We finally heard them say something on the show. But that was really touching when they said those words and when they sang Will ‘To Sir, With Love’ that it sent him crying. Aww… A lot of people are crying in this episode. *tears*

And you know what else is a lot in this episode? People saying ‘I love you’. From Finn to Puck to Will, everybody’s saying it. Not that it’s a bad thing; it’s actually very nice to hear them say such an expression. We see old flames rekindling as words of love are expressed between lovers. Rachel and Finn are back together, and Puck tells Quinn how much more he is in love with her now than before.

Our favorite couples are back together

But who do we love most in this episode? Sue Sylvester, hands down. Who knew she had a soft spot for ‘New Directions’? Or maybe she just got too hurt when the rest of the judges called her a non-celebrity? But, whatever her reason is, we love you Sue for voting for ‘New Directions’ in the regionals and for giving them one more year! Alright! We know you love ‘New Directions (or Will); you just can’t express it. 😉

Apparently, she's not as evil as she looks

And the other person whom we love? Emma Pillsbury. Why? Just because she told Will right in the face that she’s dating her dentist because he was impressed with her hygiene. Wow, what a way to impress someone, Emma. I’m sure you’ve got other qualities that could impress your guy, whatever they are. But other than that, we love her because she showed what a real tiger she was! Seeing the sweet, prim and proper guidance counselor Emma fuming at Principal Figgins was absolutely priceless! You should have seen my face while I was watching the whole 10 seconds that she was yelling!

Emma Shows Her Angry Side in Episode 1.22, "Journey"

Not so demure now, are we?

However, Emma screaming at Figgins is not the only surprise Glee has in store for us, we see that Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) adopted Quinn and Puck’s baby girl, Beth, towards the end of the show. Wow, she’s really reliving her lost motherhood moments. I wonder how Rachel (Lea Michele) is going to react. It’s not going to be pleasant, that’s for sure.

Or she's just going cry her eyes out and say "break it like you broke my heart". we're just not sure what Shelby's going to break on her head. Another egg, maybe?

And as Will Schuester sings us “Over the Rainbow” with Puck while strumming his ukulele, we see the smiles on the kids’ faces as they discover the friendships that they have formed in the glee club, and that is the last time they sent me tears in this season finale.

I just can’t believe that the first season’s already over, and I have to go through 3 Glee-free months! Why is the release of the second season so long? I can’t wait anymore! I’m just so excited!

They'll be back... very soon!

As my favorite TV show comes to the end of its first season, I will be making a weeklong tribute to it starting tomorrow, so make sure you check the posts out!

I love you Glee!


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