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Glee Tribute Part 1 of 7: Best Performances of the First Season

To mark the end of Glee‘s first season, I decided to give a weeklong tribute to it. And as promised, here’s the first of the seven. Since our favorite TV musical is a musical, I guess what we, gleeks, are all fond of is singing and dancing, so I got here twelve of the best numbers that the Glee cast performed in the first season.

1. Bad Romance [Episode 20, “Theatricality”]

How could you not say that this is definitely one of the best performances Glee had so far? The outfits were fabulous, the song was great, and the cast’s dance was full of energy! I think even Lady Gaga was proud of it. This just took Glee to the next level. Bravo!

2. Defying Gravity [Episode 9, “Wheels”]

Kurt (Chris Colfer) wowed us all with his amazing voice in this song. It will just make you stare in awe, like how did he do that. We sure found ourselves a great talent here! This is it! It was his moment, and he totally blew us away!

3. Safety Dance [Episode 19, “Dream On”]

Glee’s been keeping Artie’s (Kevin Mchale) biggest talent from all of us until this song came out. Come on, guys, how can you put such an amazing dancer in a wheelchair throughout the show? We all want to see him do more moves. Right, gleeks?

4. I Say A Little Prayer [Episode 2, “Showmance”]

Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) got her first big break in the show with this song, together with Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris). Up to date, I think this is one of the shortest yet catchiest dance routines on Glee. If I may say, it’s almost perfect. Good job you girls!

5. Good Vibrations [Episode 21, “Funk”]

Who knew our football best buds could rap that good? Finn (Cory Monteith) and Puck (Mark Salling) really rocked the house with this number (with the help of Mercedes, of course). Maybe they should consider the rap music industry? Hmm, yes?

6. Vogue [Episode 15, “The Power of Madonna”]

Ooohh… we were all excited for this. For the first time in Glee, the mean-looking, sadistic Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) showed us her soft and sexy side. But, this doesn’t change the fact that she still hates Will Schuester. Oh yeah, that was explicitly mentioned in the video. “Will Schuester, I hate you.” Nice touch to the song, Sue! Is that how you see it?

7. Poker Face [Episode 20, “Theatricality”]

In my humble opinion, I think this was a risky decision for Glee. I mean to make an acoustic rendition of a Lady Gaga? That’s not something anybody can do, but to my relief, they gave this song a perfect rendition. I am so proud of you Glee! And for it to be sang by one of the most powerful tandems in the show (and maybe even outside of it), Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran)? It was just beyond amazing!

8. Give Up The Funk [Episode 21, “Funk”]

Ever since the show began, I think it was only in this number that all the Glee kids got to do their own thing on the dance floor, like they had the freedom to dance however they want on stage. It seemed like they weren’t following any choreography. It was just spontaneous and fun. Awesomeness to the highest level! And don’t forget how Kurt shocked us all with his low voice at the start of the song!

9. Single Ladies [Episode 4, “Preggers”]

Step aside, Beyoncé. There’s a new queen in town! And yes, another winning number from Kurt! Not even Joe Jonas could top that. And who doesn’t love football players dancing in the middle of their game to the tune of one of the sexiest songs of the decade? Crazy and hot. It’s even crazier when Kurt scored and won the game for McKinley High after the dance routine. Maybe we should dance too before we do anything so we guarantee success? Just a thought. 🙂

10. Sweet Caroline [Episode 8, “Mash-Up”]

He was the untouchable stud until he melted our hearts with this song, his first solo. He may have established a smug attitude at the start of the show, but as more episodes are introduced, Puck tells us that he has a soft side too as he serenades the Glee girls one by one, starting with this song which he used to impress Rachel Berry (then Mercedes with “The Lady Is A Tramp” and Quinn with “Beth”).

11. Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ [Episode 22, “Journey”]

It was the best part of the ‘Journey’ medley that the ‘New Directions’ presented during the regionals. There was so much energy, and everybody was just having fun on stage. Even Brad was rocking his head to the song! And what about those outfits? They looked absolutely gorgeous in them! Love the hairdos too! Special shoutout to Artie (Kevin Mchale)! I love the way they styled his hair!

12. To Sir, With Love [Episode 22, “Journey”]

Probably the most touching song of the season. 😦 But, it was so touching especially when each of the ‘New Directions’ kids said something to Mr. Schue before they sang this song. It was just so pure and expressive that it would more or less send you to tears. It did to me! You can just feel how grateful they really were for Mr. Schue as their mentor and how happy they felt being part of the glee club. They were all teary-eyed, and that just makes the song even sadder and more meaningful. And I think this is a nice way to end a season, you know, reminding people about appreciation and gratefulness.

What’s next? Glee‘s hottest moments! You don’t want to miss it!

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