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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Glee Tribute Part 2 of 7: Hottest Moments in Season One

Besides amazing song and dance numbers, you know Glee‘s got something else to make the show extra spicy. Sure, there’s drama, but what make those plots even more wicked are the twists and turns that come in week after week, especially in the last few episodes. It would have been more exciting if Wikipedia didn’t spoil the next story for us in its episode listing. We all know how we can’t resist spoilers, right?

Glee knows how to turn its simple story to something exciting

And what’s exciting about a drama twist without involving a few intense moments? So, here are a couple of what I think are the hottest moments on Glee.

1. Will Schuester seducing Sue Sylvester

That’s definitely number 1 on my list! The hottest scene since Glee started airing! Wouldn’t you agree? Who knew that the sadistic slavedriver Michael Jordan of the cheerleading Sue can get seduced and even fall in love with a certain curly-haired Mckinley manwhore named Will? Well, I guess opposites do attract, or maybe it was just really one-sided kind of love. Too bad for Sue. She really thought Will could make a good trophy husband. It might have been disappointing for her but not for us gleeks because we sure enjoyed the seduction scene. Too hot to handle, right?

2. Kurt and Brittany making out

Well, well, well, looks like Brittany’s got a perfect score for making out with all the guys in school now that she’s got the last boy *coughs* to make out with her. Now, that was really, really hot! Never thought Glee would get Kurt to play a dude for a day. And not just that, get Kurt into sharing a smooch with Brittany. Oohh… And you know what else I think? They’re a cute pair. No, really, they are. Look at how they hold hands and smile at each other, especially in slow motion – it’s lovable!

3. Puck showing off his body





Need I say more? Just look at that photo up there, and you know why I’m classifying it as one of the hottest moments. Puck’s hot. Period.

4. Rachel’s transformation c/o Kurt

She may have the nicest voice in the club, but she definitely doesn’t have the best look. Yeah, even her boyfriend, I mean, her ex-boyfriend, Jesse, thinks there’s something wrong with her fashion sense. Sweaters with stuffed animals, anyone? So, when Kurt offered to give her a makeover, we were more delighted than Rachel herself. Finally, we are seeing how sexy Lea Michele really is. And whoever picked that black dress for her, you are wonderful! It was extremely beautiful! Maybe, they should start letting Rachel wear something prettier than sweaters and long socks, but those pretty outfits would not mesh well with her obnoxious attitude. So, yeah, let’s stick with the sweaters and preppy skirts.

These are all I can think of as of the moment, so if you’d like to share other scenes in the season that you think are hot, feel free to post them in the comment box below. 🙂

Next post in line: Glee’s most awkward moments.

What are they? Stay tuned.

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