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Glee Tribute Part 3 of 7: Season One’s Most Awkward Scenes

Yesterday, I enumerated some of the hottest moments on the first season of Glee. Sizzling… Today, let’s look at that category’s extreme opposite: the most awkward moments in the first season. No TV show would be that controversial without the presence of some scenes that are a little bit off. Of course we love Glee for its awesomeness, but let’s admit, there are times when the TV musical gets us raising our eyebrows.


1. Pregnant women as background dancers

Pregnant women? Uh… Not the most flattering background dancers. And not the most reasonable too. If you’ve watched Quinn’s solo of “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” during the “Funk” episode, you’d absolutely agree with me. The song was beautiful and Dianna sang it really well. I have no complaints whatsoever with that, but what put this number off was the presence of the pregnant dancers. It looked really awkward because the “interpretative dance” had moves that will somehow freak anyone out. The choreography doesn’t look very normal, especially because the baby bumps were fake. Some had saggy pillows under their shirts, so they kinda looked weird and they were dancing with it, so double awkwardness. It’s a pity because the song choice was very fitting for Dianna’s voice, and then the choreography just had to ruin one of her moments to shine.

2. Finn singing to a sonogram

Too bad he wasn’t the father, his baby would have been proud to learn that her father sang to a sonogram of hers out of so much love. Or she would have just totally freaked out! Like what on Earth was Finn thinking when he sang “I’ll Stand By You” to a video of a moving fetus? It was sweet of him to express his love for his baby through a song, true, but maybe we can skip the whole part where he was singing to a sonogram. It would have been a better idea for him to just sing the song while thinking of his baby or something. That would have been a lot normal, Finn.

Finn Sings "I'll Stand By You" to Quinn's Sonogram, Season 1, Episode 10, "Ballad"

Finn's mom: Were you just singing to a sonogram? - our thoughts exactly

3. Celibacy Club doing the “balloon exercise”

“Remember, if the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.” – Quinn Fabray

And she popped a real balloon when she got pregnant by Puck. I wonder how many angels cried. So much for being the president of the Celibacy Club, Quinn. But, we love you still. Your character rocks. But, this is not the awkward point. What was awkward was the exercise itself. Apart from the fact that putting a balloon in between a girl and a guy and practicing that doesn’t maintain people’s virginities, the scene doesn’t look to be the most pleasant. Especially when you watch Puck pushing the balloon back and forth against Santana.

It feels a bit uncomfortable watching this

4. Jacob asking for Rachel’s underwear

Talk about pervert stalkers. The nerdy Jacob is the perfect example. He might even be a sexual harasser. Rachel Berry’s sexual harasser, that is. I mean, asking for Rachel’s pair of underwear to keep your mouth shut about Quinn’s pregnancy? How low can Jacob go? He’s most of the time annoying, but at this scene, he’s just plain disgusting. For the first time, I actually felt sorry for Rachel. This is way worse than Jesse breaking an egg on her head. Jacob’s request is just disgusting and awkward. Who makes that kind of request? Awkward for Rachel, awkward for viewers, especially when he said that he doesn’t like panties, he likes Rachel Berry panties. Alright, I think we can move on to the next one now. I don’t feel very comfortable making more comments on this.

Rachel's face reads 'get away from me, freak'

5. ‘New Directions’ doing a hairography number

Brittany calls it “cool epilepsy”; I call it “performance gone wrong”. Sorry guys, I usually love your numbers, but this one’s just plain awkward. I mean, watching the characters do headbangs with their wigs for the whole performance was just crazy. There was just hair and then more hair and it was just all over the place, like my reaction was like those kids from the Haverbrook Deaf Choir. Like, what the hell is going on with this school’s performance? It was so distracting, and I felt dizzy from just watching their performance. I wonder how the cast feels after doing that number. It was really crazy and awkward-looking because it was like they were making an ad for some new shampoo and then singing about it.

We’ve talked hot, we’ve talked awkward, what’s next?

The moments that made you teary-eyed.

What are they? Find out tomorrow.


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