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Glee Tribute Part 4 of 7: Moments That Made You Teary-Eyed

If you’ve watched Glee‘s season finale, then you know that there were a lot of emotions that were poured out during that episode. The finale wasn’t just about the songs, the energy, and the competition, it was also about drama, about love, about friendship, and about touching your hearts. We saw a lot of the characters cry in this episode, even those whom we thought don’t have a soft side, such as Puck and Santana. Priceless.

Turns out Santana is capable of showing emotions like this

I feel so bad for Puck in this scene, watching Quinn give birth and how she is suffering because of him

But, throughout the whole first season, there were a lot of moments that sent us teary-eyed. Doesn’t matter if you cried all throughout the scene or you just shed a tear because either way, it all boils down to the fact that you got touched with what was shown. So, here is a list of some of those moments that caused that teardrop to form at the corner of your eye (or our eyes).

1. Sue Sylvester reading her sister a story

Looks like the heartless coach has a heart after all. Or maybe that is just reserved for her older sister, Jean. But, for Sue to show her softer side is one of the moments we all need to savor. It happens even rarer than eclipses. And I think this is really one of the good ones under this category. The scene will just make you smile because you’ll see how nice Sue really is. She spends time and even reads to her sister, who has a Down syndrome, a story. Aww… just look at how the sisters bond.

Sue Reads to Her Older Sister, Season 1, Episode 9, "Wheels"

Everybody say aww....

2. ‘New Directions’ singing to Mr. Schuester

They thought glee club was over because they didn’t place at the regionals, so for the last time, the glee kids sang together and dedicated their supposed-to-be last song, “To Sir With Love”, to their greatest mentor, Mr. Will Schuester. For me, this is the most touching scene in the whole first season. I mean, not just the song but also what they said before they sang the song. They were all so emotional in expressing how they love the glee club and Mr. Schuester. Even if they had tear-filled eyes, they’re all happy that they became part of the glee club because they’re enjoying and it made them feel free. And not just that, they’ve also found their real friends in it. This scene really brings out the gratitude and appreciation that they feel for Mr. Schuester. *teardrop*

3. When everyone came over to hug Quinn after she sang ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’

So, okay, the performance itself might be one of the most awkward, but the scene after that was pretty touching when everyone in the glee club, except for Mercedes, just came over and hugged Quinn. With the former cheerleading captain going through a hard time because of her pregnancy, her glee friends gave her a hug, somehow telling her that they understand her and they’re there for her. Such a beautiful friendship they’ve got there. 🙂

4. Quinn in the delivery room

Don’t tell me you didn’t feel emotional during this scene. Watching Quinn scream through her pain in the delivery room – it’s going to make you pity her no matter what. Even Puck’s crying. How could you not? And with Jesse St. James (from Vocal Adrenaline) singing a sad song in the background, that has got to increase the intensity of this scene. It’s so dramatic and it’ll just make you want to cry.

5. Burt Hummel defending Kurt from Finn

Way to go, daddy Burt! How many dads nowadays would stand up for their gay kids against gender discriminating people? Not a lot, I would say. Burt is definitely the model father. To stand up for your son like that, even if that’ll cost you the woman you love – that’ll just send a tear to anyone. And look at how Burt defends Kurt. It’s just so touching. He’ll really fight for him, no matter what the consequences are. Bravo! Kurt’s a lucky kid ‘coz he’s got a father who’ll stand by him any day.

6. Glee club singing “Lean On Me” to Quinn and Finn

They’ve got a really strong bond here, these Glee kids. Some strong friendship that can get through anything, I’m sure of this. They may have their differences, but at the end of the day, they still stick together as one. This song number is a good example of that. Whether they were a popular kid once or just a plain loser, they’re all there to show their support for Quinn and Finn as they go through the tough times as parents-to-be and even tougher times as the laughing stock of the school. It brings me a smile to see how thoughtful they are in showing their love for the couple. It really touches my heart because I know that this number is a symbol of true friendship. And it’s always a good thing to know that your friends are always there beside you, cheering you on and giving you all the support and love you need.

7. Kurt screwing up his diva-off performance to protect his father

Protect him from being called a faggot’s father. This father-son relationship is really awesome! I mean, awhile ago we saw how Burt stood up for Kurt. Now we see Kurt screwing up one of his biggest dreams just so he could protect his father’s reputation. Aww… Isn’t this the best father-son relationship ever? Oh yes, it is. I can see you nodding.

Is that Kurt as a baby? I have no idea either, but don't they look cute?

It was Kurt’s chance to show everyone his talent, that he could reach the F-note, and finally beat the conceited Rachel in a diva-off, but he purposely screwed up when it came to the high notes. Poor Kurt. It was so close. He may have lost in that diva-off, but he sure is still a winner to all of us, and of course to Burt! He’s got the best son in the world! Kurt’s got one of the most amazing voices I’ve heard that it almost seems unreal. It was intense, and him losing to Rachel is even more intense. Now, don’t ask me how much more intense it was when he told his dad that he intentionally screwed up so his father would not get hurt anymore.

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