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Glee Tribute Part 5 of 7: 10 Questions We’d Like to Get Answered in the Next Season

The first season of Glee gave us a lot of surprises with its little twists and turns in the plot, such as Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) being the long lost mother of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). Who knew the coach of the rival team is the mom of our favorite glee club’s lead singer?

Now that we're looking at their photo, they somehow share a resemblance. Or is it just me?

As it drew to a temporary end few days ago, we know that there are more surprises in store for us in its comeback in September. Glee never runs out of things to shock us with. If only spoilers wouldn’t spill the surprises for us before the episodes started, we would have felt a lot more excited. But, the thing about season one ending is that we are left to question a lot about what will happen to certain people in season two. All TV shows that promise a next season always gets us to wonder, and Glee is no different. So, today, I will list 10 of the questions that I want season 2 to give me answers to.

1. Who is the dentist Emma’s dating? Or will she just eventually end up with Will Schuester?

The soft-spoken guidance counselor was MIA in the episodes after she called Will a manwhore but made an appearance in the last episode to tell all of us, especially Mr. Schuester, that she’s dating someone new.

Sorry Will, but you're so last season

We were about to give her claps for moving on so fast, but when she told us she was dating her dentist because he got so impressed with her oral hygiene and decided to ask her out, we couldn’t decide if the new dude’s a better catch. He must have a fetish for obsessive-compulsive women. Like come on, most men don’t get impressed with a woman’s hygiene on the first meeting. There must be something else Emma has that caught his attention. Or okay, maybe it’s really the hygiene. Weird guy. We could care less about that though if he turns out to be hot. But, the big question is, who is he? Who will play the role? I can’t wait to find out Will’s replacement in Emma’s life!

Am I that not irresistible anymore Emma?

But we are left with another big question: will Emma and her new boyfriend be together forever, or will the sexy Schuester charm her back?

2. Will we finally hear Principal Figgins sing?

He’s that guy in the show who does nothing more than negotiating between two screaming parties (usually Will and Sue). If not that, he’s being blackmailed by Sue Sylvester to give her what she wants. We get that he’s the school principal, and his job is to give detentions and expel students and settle the disputes between the teachers who will obviously never come into terms, but we’re tired of the usual high school principal. When will Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba) get his big singing break? Perhaps he could sing an anti-vampire song?

We want him to step out of that desk and start dancing and singing like crazy!

3. Is Sue Sylvester going to find the right trophy husband this time?

Will Schuester would have been perfect! If only he loved Sue as much as he loved Emma. Too bad it was all just a show to get revenge at the Cheerios coach. They would have been a lovely couple, right? But, my question is, will Sue ever find her perfect trophy husband? Or at least find a real lover? I mean, come on, she’s been in love twice during this season – with Rod and with Will – but neither is for real. Will her one true love come in the second season? If that’s a yes, we sure can’t wait to find out who it’s going to be! This is definitely more intriguing than knowing who Emma’s dentist lover is!

Some guy will definitely fall for this!

4. Will Artie get the chance to walk and eventually dance?

How could anyone let one of the best dancers on the show stay in a wheelchair forever? Honestly, I’ve been wondering about that since the beginning of the show. So, will they finally release him from his chair and let him dance with the rest of the glee club? Come on, look at how good he was during the “Safety Dance” number! He’s really talented! Let’s not put that to waste. Well, there might be a chance for him to showcase his beautiful skill because remember in the first season, Tina gave him some research stuff that pose cure to his condition. So, is that a hint?

He really has to get out of that chair

5. Will Brittany, Matt, and Mike ever get a solo?

They’re part of the glee club, but they never got to sing a solo. As in never ever. Good thing for Santana because she’s already got solos in some parts of songs, such as in “Bad Romance”, “To Sir, With Love”, and “Don’t Stop Believing (regionals)”. Well, how about these three? We’d love to hear their individual voices too and see what they can bring to the stage. Hey, Santana’s voice was promising. Who knew that before she sang in “Bad Romance”?

A solo song soon?

Brittany, Mike, and Matt are three amazing dancers, but we don’t want them to be confined in just dancing. Well, we haven’t heard them say much in the show too, except for Brittany who’s got a lot of funny quotable quotes in the first few episodes of the season. As for the other two dudes? It’s always a big deal whenever either Mike or Matt said something. It’s like a rare blue lizard just passed by, and everyone’s talking about it. So, will any of them get a solo in the second season? Or at least more exposure? I highly doubt that though especially with the rumor that a couple of new interesting people are being added to the show, such as boyfriends for both Kurt and Mercedes. Even so, we’re still on the lookout for the solos of these three kids.

And Matt being just another jock-turned-glee-club-member

6. What new role is Terri Schuester going to play now?

Now that Will and Terri are divorced, what will the former Mrs. Schuester’s new role be in the second season? We are sure that she’s not playing the bitchy type of character anymore, so what kind of spice will she be bringing to the table? Or was it just Terri playing tricks on us when she told Finn she wanted to change and become nicer? Well, let me admit, I totally prefer her being that woman who scares everyone off (especially Emma) rather than her being the helpful type. So, what’s it going to be, Terri? Be the bitch or make the character switch?

7. Will Kurt and Finn finally be brothers? And will this new relationship introduce something new?

It’s been quite a while since Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad were dating, so are they going to get married soon? Or did they completely break up because of the Finn-calling-Kurt-a-fag scene? Well, shouldn’t the Finn-wearing-a-completely-ridiculous-red-curtain-outfit situation fix that already? Well, if we’re witnessing a wedding, we’re definitely seeing some strong brotherhood here. Or maybe not entirely “brotherhood”. Which means something interesting might come up? Obviously, Kurt and Finn aren’t going to be a couple because even if they’re not related by blood, their parents’ marriage will still make the Kurt-Finn relationship fall under incest. So, since we heard that Kurt’s new boy is a jock who’s coming out of the closet, does that mean Finn’s going to be the one who’s going to make the introduction between the two? Who knows; it’s actually possible. It’s one way Finn can keep Kurt from staring at him.

Brothers to be? Yes?

8. Who else will Glee pay tribute to?

They’ve done Madonna. They’ve given half an episode to Lady Gaga. And they dedicated their season finale to Journey. So, who’s next in line to be given tribute to? We heard big names, such as Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, but how true are these rumors?

Will she be as lucky as Madonna?

Are they really gonna get chosen?

Well, I personally want them to do Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Timbaland, but the final decision still rests upon the producers. I have no idea who they’re going to choose next, but there’s one singer who I’m sure they’ll never give tribute to. Miley Cyrus! Remember the “Laryngitis” episode where Rachel totally ruined Cyrus’ “The Climb” because of her throat problem? Well, I think that was a hint that they’ll never do a Miley show. And why should they when Miley publicly stated her hatred towards the show because she said that she finds it weird for people to just suddenly sing in the middle of them doing something? You know, Miley, there’s a reason why we call it a TV musical and not real life.

No tribute for you, that's for sure!

9. Who will be New Directions’ next biggest singing rivals?

With Vocal Adrenaline now getting out of the picture, who will come to replace them in their glory as New Directions’ next biggest rival in the coming regionals? The not-so-stupidly named Aural Intensity probably? I doubt though. I mean, we can’t have Vocal Adrenaline again since that would just be plain boring. Well, the biggest question is not who will be that rival but will that new rival be as awesome and as intense as Vocal Adrenaline that New Directions’ skills will be put to the extremes again. Well, season two will tell us that, and we will be watching.

Vocal Adrenaline - a stage legend in Glee

10. Is anyone else going to join New Directions?

I hope not. The 12 kids are already perfect for the team even if they look really small as a group when it comes to regionals. I mean, look at Vocal Adrenaline. They’re like 20 out there on the stage, singing and doing backflips. But, I think New Directions has enough talents. And, as I’ve mentioned above, not all of these talents have been given that much exposure yet, so adding new members into the group would just mean even less exposure for them. But who knows? Glee might think of some new twist by adding a new member. I don’t know for what. Maybe just to piss Rachel off? Well, we wouldn’t mind seeing that happen because we want someone to take that diva spot from Rachel for a while. But, we would like that someone to be just one from the team and not some stranger from somewhere. Maybe Brittany, yes?

New Directions is already amazing as it is now!

Glee isn’t just all about the dramas, the questions, and the songs.

So, in tomorrow’s post, we will look into our favorite fashion looks in the first season.

Find out if your favorite character’s in the list.


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