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Glee Tribute Part 7 of 7: Glee Awards

After a week of giving tribute to my personal favorite TV show (I don’t know if it’s yours too), we have come to the final post in the series: whutzhappening’s very own Glee awards. Sad to say though, I am not giving away shiny golden trophies to the winners but only words of admiration, but I hope that’ll make them as happy as they were when they received the Golden Globe award. Well, for one, I do not have the funds to buy beautifully crafted trophies. And second, it’s not that I can just invite the Glee cast over to receive their awards. So, well, this online awarding ceremony is just a simple token of my appreciation and recognition of the amazing efforts and talents that I have witnessed in the first season.

Glee won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series

And without further ado, may I present the winners of whutzhappening’s Glee awards.

Best Parent Figure Award – Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley)

Model father

I guess the winner of this category wasn’t so difficult to choose because aside from the fact that we don’t see many parents in the show, Burt was the only parent who is always placed under intense drama, whether the scene was with Kurt or with Finn (but mostly with Kurt). Burt Hummel is the perfect example of what a parent should be – supportive and just accepts who and what his kid is without judgement. He even defends his son, Kurt, from unfair and hurtful criticisms such as when Finn called Kurt a fag. That’s what I’d call a dad’s real love for a kid. I mean, how many parents nowadays will stand up for their kid against gender discrimination? How many parents are able to accept what their kids are without going through disgust first? And for setting a wonderful example of an amazing parent, Burt Hummel gets this award, hands down.

So much love that you'd like to hug Burt yourself too

Best Namedrop Award – Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz)

She may not have gotten a lot of solos, but she definitely got one of the best lines

Remember the “Funk” episode, Tina and Mr. Schuester in Principal Figgins office, Principal Figgins is mad about Tina’s look, Mr. Schuester tries to defend Tina, Principal Figgins says that Tina dresses like a vampire, and then Tina made the best namedrop ever:

“My parents won’t even let me watch “Twilight”! My mom says she thinks Kristen Stewart seems like a bitch.”

Sorry Kristen, but it looks like Glee doesn’t adore you as much as your “Twilight” fans out there. Well, I wonder what Kristen ever did to Glee to earn such a not-so-pleasant mention in the show. But, hey, we’ve got to admit, the way Tina said it sounded kinda funny that it somehow didn’t sound like it was that offensive. She may not have the most number of solos, but with this one line, Tina definitely stands as one of those characters who have one of the most unforgettable remarks in the show.

Best Solo by a Female – Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)

A girl with an amazing voice

Again, another category whose winner is more or less predictable. Among the girls in ‘New Directions’, it’s always Rachel who almost always gets a solo while the others yearn for just at least a song to sing and impress the viewers. I don’t know if that is intentional because she is the glee club’s lead singer and her character’s made to be somewhat attention hungry, or Lea is just the producers’ favorite. But either way, at least Lea or Rachel doesn’t disappoint us in her frequent solos. She has one of the most impressive voices I’ve heard. So, for what solo are we awarding her this for?

“The Climb”.

And that was a joke! I never thought that there would be a song tragedy version in the show, but it looks like Rachel is able to pull that off as well. With more effort and difficulty of course. So, okay, the song that won Rachel this award is… “Don’t Rain on My Parade”. You just have to stare in awe for her ability to reach those high notes and sing this song with so much intensity. It was like she was in control of the whole auditorium, and the audience was like hypnotized with her talent. Good job Rach!

Best Solo by a Male – Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer)

There's just so much to love about Kurt

Now the winner of this category is much more difficult to pick than Rachel’s landslide win for the “Best Solo by a Female” award because the boys in Glee all had some sort of a better division of solos than the girls. I would have actually picked Finn for his “Can’t Fight This Feeling” shower song, but then he had some inconsistencies with his other solos or with his duets with Rachel. Puck was also a nominee for this category with “Sweet Caroline”, but I just had to give this category’s award to Kurt simply because of the fact that he is able to blow us away with his passion while singing. The intensity, the energy, the passion – Kurt’s got it all when he sings a solo for a whole song or for a part of a song. Whether he’s reaching the high notes  in “Defying Gravity” or deepening his sweet voice that it somehow sounds impossible for Kurt in “Give Up The Funk” and in “Pink Houses”, his voice is filled with so much passion and emotions. But the song that he sang best was “Rose’s Turn”. It was just wow! Like where are all the emotions coming from?

Well, clearly, it’s Kurt’s turn!

LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Award – Brittany (Heather Morris)

Random question: When will we ever know Brittany's surname?

This shouldn’t probably come out as a surprise to anyone, I suppose. We all know that nobody’s characters beats Brittany when it comes to comedy (and stupidity). From dolphins being gay sharks to a ballad being a male duck, Brittany’s got the best lines that will make any gleek’s day go from black to rainbow-colored. And she looks like a natural in acting like a dumb blonde. Just look at her facial expression! Amazing acting, Heather! So, hold on a second, is this the reason why they’re not giving Brittany any solo? Because she already has the comedic spotlight? Well, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll give her a solo one of these days.

All-Around Performer – Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley)

A new Jennifer Hudson on the rise?

There’s no doubt that she can blow anyone away with her performance of almost anything. It doesn’t matter what genre of song she sings because she will just amaze you anyhow. Her voice is like suited to almost any kind of song, whether it’s rap or RnB or pop. She’s just got it all. Amber’s voice is just so flexible with the songs being given to her, so Glee definitely doesn’t have any problem finding a replacement singer unless of course, Amber is the one who won’t be available. But, it is just wow how she can be everything in a show and how she won’t have any problem with song choice. It’s like here’s the song, and then go, sing it, and she pulls it off spectacularly!

Best Dancer – Mike Chang (Harry Shum Jr.)

Harry needs more exposure as a dancer

“The Other Asian” proves that he’s not just any other Asian. He’s that Asian who’s got the moves which will get you and keep you grooving. And even if he’s not that exposed as a singer or as a character who actually talks more than a line in an episode, he has already imprinted an impression on all of us that he’s the next dancing icon in Hollywood. Well, I personally believe he’s gonna go far, good luck Harry!

Hottest Couple Award – Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) and Puck (Mark Salling)

They really look good together

Is anyone objecting to my choice for this category’s winner? I don’t think anyone would disagree with me that they’re the hottest couple on Glee. Both got the looks, the body, the popularity (before), and the perfect couple factor (don’t know what this is exactly but you know the thing that perfect couples have that make them perfect). Not to mention, their love story’s really cute too. Playboy Puck has always been in love with cheerleading sweetheart Quinn, but he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s supposed to be like dating and making out with different girls all the time. Well, apparently, he found himself a girl whom he just couldn’t forget. Quinn, on the other hand, after being impregnated by Puck, is disgusted by him but finally found herself slowly falling for him in the end. And well, we all know where their story ends – to a happily ever after (even though without the baby).

Ain't they a cute couple? They'll really make your heart melt.

Most Interesting Character Award – Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)

Sue looks a lot better when she smiles. Too bad she's never gonna give us that on the show.

Sometimes we hate her, sometimes we love her. She’s always got the surprises for us. Today she’s sadistic, tomorrow she’s nice. You don’t really know what she’s giving us next. And not just that! At some random moments in the show, Sue Sylvester shocks us with a show! Suddenly, you find the coach who bullies everyone dancing to the tune of Madonna’s “Vogue”. And she’s out of her gym outfit! In fact, she even sported a very sexy look! Well, what can I say? Throughout the whole season, Sue Sylvester has always been the most interesting character! Episode after episode, she’s always got us on the lookout for her next move.

Congratulations to all the winners of whutzhappening’s Glee awards! You have made me and many gleeks out there proud!

And so we reach the end of this post as well as the end of weeklong Glee tribute. I hope you have all enjoyed the posts because I have enjoyed writing them and sharing them to you.

Watch out for the second season of Glee on September!

2 comments on “Glee Tribute Part 7 of 7: Glee Awards

  1. Ceara
    September 8, 2010

    You are a gleek. and i love it. keep on working, sista~

    • C
      September 8, 2010

      sure am! and thank you for your support! 🙂

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