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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Daddy’s Day!

Moms had their special day last month with bouquets of flowers, piles of “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting cards, and bags of other gifts from their sweet-loving kids. This month around, well, this day around, moms will have to back away a little bit to give the dads their spotlight.

Hug your dad as tight as you can!

So, kids, make sure you make daddy feel special today! It’s not everyday that you get to tell your dad how great they are and how much you appreciate his hard work just so he could give what you want.

Agree, right?

Hug him really tight today, like you’ve never hugged him in years. Kiss him on the cheek and say, “thanks dad! You’re the best! I love you.” Cook him one of his favorite meals and serve him like he’s the king of the world. Whatever it is you have in mind, just be creative. He’s going to love whatever you’re going to give him or do for him because he loves you so much that a single act of appreciation from you means the world to him.

Look dad in the eye and make him feel your overflowing love

Today’s the third Sunday of June, and it’s not just another Sunday on the calendar. It’s that Sunday where you remember all the good times you had with your dad. Whether that’s a basketball game where you’re both cheering for your favorite team (Lakers or Mavericks perhaps?) or a stroll in Disneyland where you’re both chasing Mickey Mouse so you could have the famous Disney character sign an autograph, I hope those memories of you and your dad put a smile on your face. He’s done a lot of good things to make you happy, that is, minus all the times he grounded you or criticized your outfit or hated your boy/girl friend or (okay, you got my point), so take today as your chance to make him feel happy.

You know he loves you guys

He doesn’t need you to buy him a new car or a new tie. I mean he can buy all those for himself if he really wanted to, right? What he really needs is you, your time, and your effort to show him how much you appreciate him. So, go, do that in whatever way you prefer, and put a smile on his face. đŸ™‚

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and dads-to-be out there!!!

And to my dad: Thank you for being so wonderful all these years. You are really the best dad in the whole wide world. Really, I can’t ask for a better dad than you. It’s a great pleasure to be your child, and I thank God every single day for your presence. Happy Dad’s Day, daddy! I love you!


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