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Batch 3: My TCA Music Bets

Batches 1 and 2 for movies and TV bets respectively are done, and now it’s time to talk music. Who do you think are going to rule the music world at the Teen Choice Awards this coming August? Katy Perry, yeah? I don’t think so. I mean she’s hosting the event, so she can’t receive an award. Too bad, right? But, hopefully, she’s got some good music prepared for us.

This year's TCA host: Katy Perry!

Alright, let’s see who made it to our TCA music bet list this year. Care to compare, friends? 🙂

Female Artist – Taylor Swift

This girl’s really got a lot of good songs on release. I mean, they’re mostly about common romance tales, but I think it takes real courage to be able to sing them out loud, especially those that are about her own experiences.

Taylor rocks!

Male Artist – Adam Lambert

Although I have this really strong feeling that Justin Bieber’s going to win this category hands down. Come on, he’s caused millions of girls to hyperventilate whenever and wherever. How could he not win, right? But, I’m not much of a Bieber fan. I mean his songs are catchy, but that’s just about it. I think there are more professional singers out there, such as Adam Lambert, who has been phenomenal during and after “American Idol”.

Adam's voice is truly a gift

Group – Glee Cast

I didn’t think twice when I saw them in this category. Best group for the singing category just has to go to the “Glee” cast. Why not, right? Each and every person in the cast is amazing! Their voices are amazing! Their performances were spectacular! I don’t know how else I can convince you that they’re the best… but you know, they just are.

I so love them!!!

Rock Group – Abstain

Not really a big fan of rock groups, but I’ve heard some songs from some of the nominates, such as Paramore and Muse, but I don’t think that’s enough for me to say who deserve the win more. Who did you pick?

Rap Artist – Abstain

Now, this is a genre that I don’t listen to. Sorry rap fans, but I’m just not feeling rap songs. Maybe you should convince me? Give me some good rap songs to listen to? Yeah?

R&B Artist – Rihanna/Beyonce

I’m torn between these two ladies. They’re both so awesome that choosing only one winner between the two of them is just not gonna do either justice. Both got good music and lovely voices. Can’t really decide, so I demand a tie.

I wonder why her hair keeps on getting shorter.

Honey B!

Country Group – Rascal Flatts

I’ve always loved Rascal Flatts! Their songs are just unlike any other. I don’t really know how to explain it, but there’s something about their music that always makes me smile or at least ponder. They’re one of the best bands out there, I swear.

They've always got beautiful music to offer

Country Artist Male – Keith Urban

Keith’s music sounds like it really sprung from the singer’s heart. It has this ability to move you in one way or another. Not all country music artists can do that. And one more thing, Keith is an amazing guitarist! He really is!

Keep singing Keith!

Country Artist Female – Carrie Underwood

She didn’t really catch my eye with her performances in “American Idol” season four. To me, she was just another talented AI contestant. It was after her win and after I heard her sing “Whenever You Remember” that I was convinced that she is destined for something bigger in the music industry. So, yeah, she is not just another contestant. She’s definitely better than that and one of the best in country music.

Her voice is really something!

And so that’s the end of batch 3: music!

I hope we had some common bets back there.

But, the final judgement comes on August 9!

Don’t forget to catch the 2010 Teen Choice Awards on FOX at 8/7c.

Good luck with our bets!



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