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Woody and the Gang’s Return

After our favorite talking toys left us wondering about their next adventure for 11 years, all I can say is that the wait was extremely worth it. Toy Story proved that it’s not just another cute animated film on 3D in its third sequel. It is a film that tells a beautiful tale, a film where emotions are perfectly blended, and a film that leaves a smile painted on every viewer’s face as the story comes to a conclusion.

While many other films out there are unable to produce a strong sequel, especially after the second one, Toy Story 3 returns with an even better production ten years after its last. The film made sure that its comeback is one that will give audience a blast. Well, it definitely succeeded in its mission! Good job you guys!

Toy Story 3

And they're back with some new toys too!

When the movie began, I thought that this third sequel is just going to be like the first two. I mean, same old characters, same old toys, same old conflict, same old plan to escape, but as the story wore on, the tension keeps on building up. That was what was so nice about this movie – it started with something that’s not so interesting, then it slowly eats your attention with each new scene. As the story progresses, the toys encounter more and more conflict that makes you feel a lot of different emotions welling up inside you. You’ll feel sadness, fear, tension, excitement, and even anger. You’ll end up feeling that you’re one with the toys in their adventure. It feels like you’re one of them.

Toy Story 3

What's out there?

And you know what else is so amazing about Toy Story 3? It is able to perfectly mesh drama and comedy together. Not every movie has that ability to make these two very different genres blend well and still causes each genre to stand out on its own. What I meant by that was that not all movies can move you and amuse you almost quite simultaneously that it makes you half smile and still make you cry like you’re watching pure drama and make you laugh out loud like you’re watching pure comedy. To me, that’s really great! Thumbs up! Just beautiful.

Toy Story 3

"Alright! We pulled it off!"

Hundreds of movies have been produced in these past few years, but I don’t think I have encountered one that surpasses the brilliance that I found in Toy Story 3. I am serious. I haven’t. This film is truly one of the masterpieces in the film industry. One of the best, really. Incredible creation. And if this is supposed to be the last in the series, I couldn’t ask for a better presentation of the send off. This is perfect.

Toy Story 3

Andy is now all grown-up

A story that is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

A film that brought so much joy and so much tears.

If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

Rating: 10/10

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