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Lady Gaga: A Satanist Or Just A New Trend Setter?

Lady Gaga.

One of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today.

She's everywhere

Music icon. A bellwether of ridiculous fashion.

And an advocate of Satanism?

Wow, is there anything that this woman can’t be?

Apparently, what comes together with the rise of her fame (and of some scandalous pictures) are the many stories of her identity as the human form of the devil. They say that she’s a real fame monster, that she is a puppet of the Illuminati, and that she is on a mission to conquer the world with evil through her music. Some people who claim to be decoders of symbols are trying to prove these by associating some of the symbols that Gaga uses with the satanic representation of these, such as the lightning which is found in her logo and in some photos, the act of covering her one eye which she does in many of her poses and in her videos, and the outfits which she wears during award ceremonies.

What's the underlying meaning of this logo?

More lightning

One eye covered in her music video, "Telephone"

And she did it again in a photo shoot

Representing the devil?

The mentioned acts of Gaga have been observed to be recurring themes in her poses, photos, videos, and wherever she publicly appears. And the release of her new music video, “Alejandro”, adds even more fire to the already big flame. It stirred even more controversy among those who are trying to decode her. For one, someb tried backmasking it and revealed that there’s a devilish message hidden in the song.

And yes, of course, the symbol decoders definitely didn’t miss out on trying to give meaning to her music video. Well, who wouldn’t anyway? I mean, with the religious-ish theme where she swallowed a rosary and had the inverted cross taped on her crotch and with the sexual theme very dominant in her video, who wouldn’t question the underlying meaning of the song? Who is Alejandro? What does it have to do with religion? Is God the Alejandro she’s pertaining to? What does it all mean? What is Gaga trying to say?

If you want to know more about what the symbol decoders think of the video, this website has an almost detailed interpretation of it.

So, is the pop icon just trying to set a new trend in music and in fashion or is she really sending a satanic message to the world through her music?


Two satanic symbols in one photo?

Honestly, I don’t know what to answer. On one hand, the symbol decoders make sense. On another, maybe Gaga’s just using the symbols to attract attention and to set a new trend in music and in fashion or something. I really have no idea, and I don’t want to judge someone just because some people are able to rationalize some possible thoughts. My dilemma actually lies in the fact that this trend of calling a couple of artists satanists has been going on since who knew when. Think Madonna (“Like A Prayer” video) and other rock stars. It’s like when an artist gets all famous, some people say that they’re satanists or something just to ruin the person’s reputation. Try typing “Illuminati exposed” on Youtube and you’ll know what I mean. I’m not trying to defend Lady Gaga here; it’s just that maybe we should really think about what we’re reading or hearing first. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. It’s really your call. Think about the reality of what these “symbol decoders” are trying to tell you. Do you believe this artist is a satanist or not?

My point is whether an artist is a satanist or not, you don’t necessarily have to follow the actions of the artist. You are in full control of your actions, so whether you’re singing her song or not, watching her video or not, the decision is still up to you whether you want to follow the image that that particular artist is reflecting. Right?

Anyway, if you want to read on deciphering Lady Gaga, visit this website.

So, Lady Gaga…

Is there an underlying meaning to what she said during her interview when she was the featured artist on MTV where she said, “the most private things are in my music”?

Hidden messages perhaps?

Who really knows?


Speak your minds!

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