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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Topshop’s De-stress-er

June has come and is ready to go, but school has just begun and sadly, is not in any way nearing an end in the next few months. In fact, it is just the beginning of a whole new hellish journey with piling assignments, bloody exams, and heart-thumping grades. But, it is also the beginning of a productive (read: educational or nerdy) chapter in the lives of many students.


Stress is about to overcome you

And with a new episode in life, Topshop believes that it should be accompanied with the latest fashion, so this June and July, the British chain of clothing is giving students the opportunity to fight the stress with some new clothes by giving away discounts and freebies (read: for students only).


It's time to shop!

Topshop is offering 10% discount to all students until the end of June. This will only be credited upon the presentation of a valid school I.D. And what’s in store for July? It’s going to give away a free gift for any purchase, although it didn’t really specifically say what it’s going to be. Who cares? It’s Topshop! Anything free from the store would be awesome!

So, while you’re trying to think of a way to de-stress yourself for a while, I suggest that you grab your purse or your wallet and of course, your precious ID, and head to the Topshop store nearest you and start grabbing clothes and shoes and accessories!

Have fun! Enjoy the opportunity!

Note: this is only available in the Philippines, but I think there’s also a sale going on in other regions of the world. Visit http://www.topshop.com for the latest products and to see if there’s a sale going on in your country.


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