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Second Wave 1: Movies and TV

Got all hyped up for the first wave of voting for this year’s Teen Choice Awards?

Well, prepare for another round of excitement because the second wave’s up! New categories are added to the movies, TV, music, and ‘other’ sections. In addition to that, a new section’s introduced. The latest addition is called the fashion section where you get to choose who’s hot and who’s not.

So, who else are you giving your votes to? Whose names and what shows are you going to click for in this second round?

Here’s my list of who I’m voting for in the second wave. See which ones we have in common.

For movies:

Scene Stealer Female – Anne Hathaway (Alice in Wonderland, Valentine’s Day)

The White Queen is definitely a scene stealer!

She was more of a scene stealer on “Alice in Wonderland” than on “Valentine’s Day”. I mean, how can you not get distracted with how the White Queen walks and moves? Her hands are just so annoyingly funny!

Scene Stealer Male – Mark Wahlberg (Date Night)

Who knew computer geeks could be so hot?

Well, if a hot bod meets and greets you on the screen, you’d definitely fall in love with that scene. No doubt about that. Even Tina Fey couldn’t help but stare. She must be voting for this guy too for scene stealer.

Chemistry – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: New Moon)

(Almost) everybody's favorite couple

Nothing beats the chemistry between real-life couples who are super crazy about each other on- and off-screen. I must admit that Kristen and Rob always make me feel intense when they’re about to lock lips. There’s an X-factor in there, whatever it is.

Breakout Female – Mia Wasiowska (Alice in Wonderland)

Amazing Alice

I think I have said this before in my previous posts: Mia is definitely one of the most amazing breakout stars today. She is really one of those stars that we should look out for. Her performance as Alice was spectacular because she was able to capture that innocence that the character portrays.

Breakout Male – Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side)

Looking like your ol' big buddy

He was able to touch our hearts with his role as Michael Oher in the heartwarming film, “The Blind Side”. And no matter how many times you watch the movie, he’ll just make you fall in love with his character over and over again. He may look like your ordinary NBA player, but he proves that he’s more than that. He can act until your tears come gushing out of your eyeballs.

Liplock – Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal)

Almost there...

These two got it really going on when they kissed! Well, the first attempt was funny, but the last one’s intense. It was so passionate. Well, I was also actually thinking of voting for Kristen and Rob because as I’ve said, those two got some real chemistry.

Just Edward and Bella showing what real passion's like

Fight – Logan Lerman vs. Jake Abel (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief)/Robert Downey, Jr. vs. the Hammer Drones (Iron Man 2)

Get ready, Luke, 'coz you're about to feel Poseidon's power!

The Percy-vs-Luke scene is one of the most magical fight scenes I have ever seen! With like a giant water cyclone behind Percy and with Luke’s flying sneakers, it was so cool to watch! Although I believe this is not as intense as Iron Man going against the drones. I mean, we know Iron Man’s going to win anyway, but the action that keeps your heart thumping, that’s some real fighting where you can’t stop popping popcorn into your mouth!

Prepare for battle!

Hissy Fit – Abstain

All of the nominees did a good job in getting into a rage. I couldn’t choose a winner because I believe they all should win. They’re all naturals.

For TV:

Breakout Star Female – Dianna Agron (Glee)

One of the most beautiful, really

What can I say? I’m a big fan! Call me biased, but I promise, this is only one of those times. This is Dianna we’re talking about, so forgive me. But really, wouldn’t you agree that she’s one of the best breakout stars today? I mean, she was part of People magazine’s most beautiful, she’s an amazing actress (as the bitchy-turned-nice Quinn Fabray), a great performer, and a fashionista. I think she’s gonna go far in the entertainment business.

Breakout Star Male – Mark Salling (Glee)

Before his mohawk hair days

Cute, sexy, and an actor who can make you love and hate him at the same time. Just when you start hating him for being such a smug in his role as Puck, you’ll realize that you’re also falling in love with him because he’s so hot. Not just that, Mark’s got a really nice voice too. And he can rap! This guy’s just full of surprises!

Breakout Show – Abstain

Simply because I’m already ready with my vote for Glee, then suddenly I learn that it’s not one of the nominees. Sadness, really.

Scene Stealer Female – Amber Riley (Glee)

Mercedes rocks!

Should I even say why? This girl’s got THE voice! She’s really talented when it comes to singing. It’s like, where is that voice coming from. She can sing any genre and reach any kind of note. I think I’ve said this before, but let me say it again: Amber Riley is the next Jennifer Hudson!

Scene Stealer Male – Chris Colfer (Glee)

Chris is so adorable!

You must have probably guessed this already since it looks like I’m voting for the Glee cast in all categories where they’re in. But,you must admit, Chris Colfer is deserving of spotlight hogging because he is super talented! I have never heard a guy reach notes as high as those in “Defying Gravity”. And he’s always so fun to watch because he’s just so adorable! “Single Ladies”, anybody?

Personality – Simon Cowell

Simon's just Simon

You hate him, you love him, but you know you didn’t really want him to leave “American Idol”. He will always be a legend. I can’t explain why exactly because…  Simon’s just Simon. No one can ever replace him.

Parental Unit – Mike O’Malley (Glee)

Burt Hummel's the best!

The best father in the world! No kidding. If only parents can be as supportive and as accepting as Burt Hummel, then this world would be void of child-parent conflicts. He’s really a role model.

And that’s a close for my list of my bets for the movie and TV categories.

I better go and start voting. You should too.

But, don’t forget to see who I’m voting for in the music category in this second wave and in the fashion category.

That’s tomorrow!

And guys, vote, vote, vote!



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