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Second Wave 2: Music, Fashion, and Other

Now that the second wave of nominations for the Teen Choice Awards 2010 is up, who could be more excited than we are? I mean, of course the nominees are, but I think the voters are more excited because this is one those times when they can show their support, like full blast, to their favorites through their votes, meaning they actually have the power to dictate the winners by continuous voting!

Well, have you cast your votes for the new added categories yet?

Yesterday, I posted my bets for the new categories in the movies and TV sections. Today, let me share who I’m voting for in the music section as well as in the fashion section. Care to scroll through my list? Maybe, I can get you to vote for my favorites too. Or, better yet, you might find that we actually share the same favorite! So, scroll down and find out!

For music:

Album Country – Fearless (by Taylor Swift)

Every single track in this album is worth listening to. They’re very light to the ears and the lyrics are heartfelt. Listeners can easily relate to what the songs are saying (as expected from Taylor). And should I say that this album’s addicting? Like you just want to keep on singing to the songs and rock your head to the tunes.

Album Rap/Album Rock – Abstain

Not a fan of either genre. Sorry to disappoint rap and/or rock fans out there. Tell me which you think should win though.

Album Pop – The Fame Monster (by Lady Gaga)

The songs in this album are pretty catchy. Well, it’s Lady Gaga. You can’t expect less than an explosive performance of a soon-to-be controversial song. She always makes sure that her songs would be those that will be heard and sung everywhere. But, she’s got a really tough rival in this category. Who else? Justin Bieber, of course! With him around, I’m not so sure if she can win this with a landslide.

Album R&B – Rated R (by Rihanna)

This album is probably the best that Rihanna made so far. There are so much emotions in each of the tracks. Some, like the “Russian Roulette”, may seem a little dark, but when you hear the songs, you can somewhat feel the sentiments that Rihanna wants you to feel. It’s really able to reach out to its listeners, so really, a very good job on this album, Rihanna!

R&B Track – OMG (by Usher)/Rude Boy (by Rihanna)

Oh my gosh, really! I can’t believe I want a tie for this category. Both songs are really good, really catchy, and really want to make me sing and dance whenever I hear them. Usher and Rihanna – two of the best R&B artists there are in the world.

Love Song – The Only Exception (by Paramore)

Another amazing song from Paramore. Both the song and the lyrics are beautiful.

Hook Up – If We Ever Meet Again (Timbaland featuring Katy Perry)

I couldn’t get this song out of my head for weeks! I swear! I keep on singing it wherever I go. It’s super catchy, especially the chorus… i’ll never be the same if we ever meet again, won’t let you get away… okay, I should probably stop now and move on. Sorry, I got carried away.

Single – California Gurls (by Katy Perry)

Not a big fan of the video nor of the lyrics, but I must admit, the song’s perfect for those days when you just feel like dancing and not caring about the world. It just makes me feel carefree. But, I must also admit that this song doesn’t sound very Katy Perry. I don’t know how to explain it too, but it just isn’t.

Breakout Artist Female – Selena Gomez and the Scene

I love them! Have you heard their latest song “Round and Round”? It’s beautiful! They always come up with good music, so I’m Team Selena&TheScene all the way!

Breakout Artist Male – Justin Bieber

I’m not a big Bieber fan, unlike many of the girls out there, but I think aside from that hair and that voice that make some people think he’s a girl, this boy’s been working really hard in this business. He’s really a big breakout star! He’s a huge celebrity, big name, pictures everywhere, girls screaming wherever he goes… I’m sure I’m not the only one saying that he’s going to win this category hands down.

Country Song – Fifteen (by Taylor Swift)

I like the song. I like how Taylor Swift sings. So my vote’s gonna go to this song. It’s light, it’s cool, and it’s just fun to sing.

For fashion:

Male Hottie – Kellan Lutz

He may have just played a minor role in the “Twilight” film series, but you can’t deny that he’s really, really hot! I remember watching “Ellen” and he was the guest, and the girls on the show couldn’t stop screaming. Well, I couldn’t stop screaming at home too! Just look at him! It spells hotness all over!

Female Hottie – Scarlett Johansson

If you got it, then you should flaunt it! Clearly, Scarlett is that woman who does that. And why shouldn’t she, right? She’s got the looks and she’s got the body. Even Sandra Bullock can’t help herself from kissing Scarlett. Guess some people are just too hot to handle.


Celebrity Fashion Line – Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B.)

L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani

Chic. Trendy. Sexy. Modern. I love L.A.M.B.’s collections! The coats, the shoes, the bags! It’s crazy! Try visiting its Facebook page and look at the photos, and you’ll fall in love with each piece that you will see.

Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male – Taylor Lautner

He always looks twice as handsome when he’s on the red carpet. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s always in an outfit that makes him look extremely gorgeous during award ceremonies or premiere nights. Unlike other dudes who dress up like they just grabbed a coat to hide a T-shirt or something, Taylor always makes it a point that he looks decent and he’s wearing something really presentable, no matter how small the event he’s attending. 🙂

Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female – Selena Gomez

Like Taylor, Selena’s always in a dress that makes her look pretty, decent, and very lovely. I think she’s a girl who chooses her outfits very carefully because she looks amazing in each one that she wears during different events. You don’t see her wearing something ridiculous or trashy or cheap-looking. She’s classy and poised. Good choice of dresses, Selena. I love them!

For other:

Smile – Victoria Justice

Beautiful, beautiful smile from a beautiful face. This girl knows what smiling is really about. Just look at that wide grin. It’s like she has a perfect set of white teeth. You really have to admit that in that smile up there and in many of her other photos, Victoria’s got that perfect smile factor.

Twit – Kim Kardashian

She tweets a lot, but you’ll always find her tweets interesting. I don’t know why exactly, but that’s just how I feel. She tweets ordinary stuff, I mean, it’s like everyone else’s but she puts feelings into each tweet, so it’s pretty much fun to read her updates. And she replies to people who ask her stuff, so that’s a plus.

American Idol Alum – Chris Daughtry

I always feel at home with his songs. They’re amazing! If you haven’t heard them… no, that’s impossible! This guy… this guy’s a brilliant musician. He puts so much heart into singing and into his songs. I love Chris Daughtry! Truly an idol!

Activist – Abstain

I don’t think we need to give an award for this category. Well, I mean, they’re all activists, trying to do their parts to make our world a better place to live in by fighting against injustice, poverty, and other issues faced by societies. And I think they should all be recognized and not just one. They’re all role models.

Video Game – Super Mario Brothers Wii

Why? Because Mario and Luigi are so cute! It’s so much fun to play this game. Period.

Web Star – Greyson Chance

Such a talented kid! Better than… well, I’m not gonna say it anymore, but you know, the kid who is older than Greyson but who became famous first. I mean seriously, this boy can sing AND play the piano. Even Lady Gaga must be proud of him. I can’t wait for his first album! Hope he’s having fun recording for eleveneleven.

Comedian – Ellen DeGeneres

Well, what else can I say? She’s Ellen. She’s a legend. She can make you laugh like you’re being tickled. She’s super amazing, and I love her so much! She always me laugh whenever I watch her show which is like everyday. I have always dreamed of watching her on a live show. Seriously, you should vote for Ellen.

Fanatic Fans – Glee Cast

I’m not so sure if they can beat Justin Bieber when it comes to fanatic fans, but this cast, they have fans from every region of the world, every race, every age… I don’t know what other every there is, but they’re like an invasion. It’s Glee fever, everyone! You know you’ve caught it too! Well, why wouldn’t you get addicted to Glee anyway? It’s cool, it’s funny, it’s groovy, it’s just brilliant!

So, that’s it! I hope you’re already ready with your votes because Teen Choice Awards is all about voting for your favorites!

Go to the website right now, yes right now, and click on those bets of yours!

A month and 8 days to go, so keep on voting!


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