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Be Part of Waribashi: A Course on Japanese Cuisine

Ever wondered how those kani and mango slices are beautifully wrapped inside the Japanese rice and seaweed? Ever imagined yourself wearing a chef uniform and a Dodin Bouffant on your head, entering the kitchen with a sushi mat in one hand and a shiny stainless steel knife on the other, ready to mix and match those different ingredients to create that perfect sushi taste?

Or, have you ever wanted to learn the secret of making the most delicious donburis in town or the tastiest sukiyaki that you could serve your guests at home, so tasty that it would be a sin for anyone not to take a mouthful of it?

Of course, no skill can be mastered without first going through the basics. And what better way to learn these than from a Japanese sous chef himself! Chef Marcelo Mahinay who cooks for Torii Japanese Restaurant Cairo Marriot Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino in Egypt will be sharing his knowledge on the art of Japanese cooking this coming July and August, so don’t miss out on this chance to be his student.

And what else is good news to all you aspiring Japanese chefs out there? You don’t have to go to Japan or Egypt to see Chef Marcelo in action because he’s coming here to the Philippines to impart his knowledge (and probably give some of his savory secrets) to you guys!

He’s going to be at the Enderun Fort Bonifacio campus on July 31, August 7, and August 14 to conduct a three-session course on the art of Japanese cuisine entitled “Waribashi”. The first session will be on sushi variety while the second on Donburi and the last on Nabemono with each session running from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. So, that’s 6 hours of Japanese food fun! Yum!

Here is a breakdown of some of the lessons in each session:

Session 1: Sushi Variety*

1. California Roll

2. Variety of hand rolls

3. Variety of Nigiri sushi and maki sushi

4. Sushi rice making technique

5. Sushi vinegar mixing

6. Fish cutting technique

Session 2: Donburi*

1. TekkaDon

2. TenDon

3. Tempura Udon or Soba

4. TonkatsuDon

5. Soba or Udon Sauce

6. TenDon and TonkatsuDon Sauce

Session 3: Nabemono*

1. Sukiyaki

2. Shabu Shabu

3. Sukiyaki sauce

4. Shabu Shabu sauce

5. Teriyaki sauce

6. Miso soup making and some variation of sauces and Nabemono

*Each session costs 4,200php.

Sounds fun, relaxing, and delicious, right? So what are you waiting for? Click on this link and sign up for one, two, or all of the sessions! Take this opportunity to learn the best of Japanese food preparation from a master. Who knows? This might be your stepping stone to becoming the next Japanese master chef and food artist!

Good luck!

And see you there?

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