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2010 Teen Choice Awards for Music

From the results of the Teen Choice Awards 2010 for movie and TV categories, we can safely assume and probably conclude that what most teens adore these days on screen are creatures with blood-dripping sharp fangs and supernatural powers as the Cullens and the Mystic Falls vampires took home a huge collection of surfboard trophies.

So, enough of what and who we watch, and let’s see who and what we listen to. If vampires dominated movies and TV, who did in music? Two words: Bieber fever. The “Baby” singer got a total of 4 wins, beating other crowd favorites such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift who got 2 and 3 trophies, respectively.

Ready to go through the list of which music artist won which category? Dun-dun-dun-dun… let’s go!

Male Artist, Male Breakout Artist, and Male Summer Music Star: Justin Bieber

The craze is clearly not yet over as Justin continues to melt millions of girls’ hearts (and even that of Shaq’s?), so this win? Let’s just say it has already been decided even before the list of nominees came out. When will this Bieber fever end? Who knows? Not even Bieber himself can say.

Female Artist and Female Summer Music Star: Lady Gaga

Queer and controversial – that’s the way to go, right Gaga? And this summer, teens prove that they are still very gaga over Gaga as they voted for her for the top two categories in music. Too bad she wasn’t in attendance, so we could see what new style she’s sporting in this event.

Group and Female Breakout Artist: Selena Gomez and the Scene

The Disney darling is venturing into the music scene and nope, she’s not doing it alone. Unlike many Disney actresses who went from a TV star to a solo artist, Selena had a different take on the transition as she established herself as a solo actress and as just a singer in a band. And well, looks like we, teens, like what we hear from their album. Way to go!

Rap Artist: Eminem

R&B Artist: Beyoncé

I thought Rihanna would win this category because her songs have gotten fiercer recently, but I can see that Honey B is still a strong contender. Both women are very talented, so doesn’t really matter who won among the two. It’s just that Beyoncé got a spare board when she goes surfing while Rihanna doesn’t.

Rock Group: Paramore

Male Country Artist: Keith Urban

I just knew it! This guy is just going to achieve victory for this category because he’s one hell of a country music star! His songs are light and fun that makes anyone wants to feel free for a while. Love, love Keith Urban! Congratulations!

Female Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift accepts the award for Choice Music Female Country Artist via satellite during the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Surfing already? But you just got your surfboard! Oh wait, that’s not a beach you’re in. Or, is it? Anyway, Taylor Swift is one of the country stars that really penetrated through the walls of pop. Her songs just make you fall in love again even if it’s about a heartbreak.

Country Group: Lady Antebellum

Single and Summer Song: California Gurls (Katy Perry)

We’re just talking about the song, right? No video? Yeah, okay? Alright. I mean, seriously, the song’s light for a summer tune. Makes you dance and sing to it all day without actually feeling that you’re stuck to the song, but the video? Seriously, that’s so… I don’t know how to describe it, but as I was watching it, I just keep telling myself that there’s something wrong about it. For one, the song and the video don’t match at all. California girls then candy paradise? Am I the only one who’s lost while watching that music video?

Hook Up: Airplanes (B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams)

Love Song: When I Look At You (Miley Cyrus)

R&B Track: OMG (Usher)

Rap/Hip-Hop Track: Love the Way You Lie (Eminem feat. Rihanna)

Rock Track: Ignorance (Paramore)

Country Song: Fifteen (Taylor Swift)

Pop Album: “My World 2.0” (Justin Bieber)

Rock Album: “Brand New Eyes” (Paramore)

R&B Album: “Jason Derülo” (Jason Derülo)

Jason Derulo performs onstage during the 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Rap Album: “Relapse” (Eminem)

Country Album: “Fearless” (Taylor Swift)

So, did you like the winners? Did your favorite artists make it to the list? Some of mine did, so I’m more or less happy. Anyway, congratulations to all the winners of the music category.

What’s next to discuss? The miscellaneous awards. We’re talking fashion, sports, and other things you didn’t know there were awards for. That’s next, so tune in.


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