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2010 Teen Choice Awards for Miscellaneous

Movies, TV, and music – three of the categories that have always and will always have the spotlight in the dozens of awarding ceremonies in and out of town, but in Teen Choice Awards, the categories being given honor to go beyond these three. We’re talking fashion, sports, video games, and even Twitter! Who knew tweeting can get a celebrity a giant surfboard to take home?

So, did your favorite athletes get a new surfboard to add to their collection of sports stuff? Check out the winners below:

Male Athlete: David Beckham (for soccer)

Still everybody’s favorite soccer player, huh? Well, you can’t resist the English charm of the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder, can you? David Beckham”s just really lovable both in and out of the field. And he’s really successful, enough to make him Forbes’ number 1. A sports legend, a fashion icon, and a much sought after celebrity – all the glitz, glamor, and glory at the age of 35! Amazing!

Female Athlete: Serena Williams (for tennis)

Together with sister, Venus Williams, Serena has been one of those tennis players whom we have admired championship after championship. Such a talented athlete! You have made America and your fans proud with your each and every win, Serena, so for that, you truly deserve this surfboard trophy. Maybe, you’d like to compete in surfing for a change?

Male Action Sports Athlete: Ryan Sheckler (for skateboarding)

Someone’s got a new board to add to his cabinet full of cool boards, but yeah, the new one’s got no wheels. Well, it’s got Teen Choice Awards written on it. That’s gotta be cooler than a skateboard with skulls and bones, right?

Female Action Sports Athlete: Maya Gabeira (for surfing)

How about using that new TCA surfboard to surf up another 45-foot wave? Seriously, that was one hell of a crazy moment for this Brazilian! Going against a 45-foot wave? I couldn’t even balance myself on a surfboard while being out on a waveless sea! She’s so damn talented! So cool! Amazing surfer!

While our favorite athletes are busy thinking of what new sport adventure they can do with their new surfboards, some stars are walking down the red carpet with their new summer accessory as they receive their surfboard trophies for fashion and beauty.

Male Hottie and Male Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Taylor Lautner

This guy doesn’t just have a rock hard six-pack, but he’s got a great fashion sense as well which makes so many women swoon over him (I can hear Team Jacob screaming). He’s got the charm, the body, and the perfect style – Taylor Lautner’s just driving girls crazier and crazier with his every appearance. No doubt he got a back-to-back victory for male hottie and male red carpet fashion icon! Hotness!

Female Hottie: Megan Fox

And yup, almost every man’s dream girl in Hollywood ends up in the hottie seat again. Remember guys, she just got married. Now, don’t you just wish you’re Brian Austin Green? Megan Fox has been crowned the sexiest and the hottest over and over again in many lists in magazines and on the internet, so this win is probably not that big of a deal anymore for Megan.

Female Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Selena Gomez

The Disney sweetheart is always dolled up in the red carpet, and her style is just always absolutely stunning! She certainly knows what type of dresses fit and look good on her, which is why she always looks gorgeous in events. I super love her style, and I personally think she should start her own fashion line. What do you think?

Celebrity Fashion Line: “Miley and Max” (Miley Cyrus and Max Azria)

Casual and comfortable – I think that’s how this clothing line goes. The apparels don’t come out as too strong or too flashy for teenagers although I think it does need some added spice or innovative fashion styles since most of its designs are quite common.

Athletes got their fill of victory and so did our fashion idols, but the show doesn’t end there because the winners of miscellaneous categories have surfboards to show off too! So, let’s go through who won which.

Comedian and Twit: Ellen DeGeneres

Probably the best comedian in the world right now! She just makes you laugh so hard and the thing is, it seems like she’s not even trying. Comedy is just in her bones, and she definitely knows how to tickle her audience. I’m still dreaming of that opportunity to watch her show live, but as of now, I’ll probably just satisfy myself with watching it on TV.

Web Star: Shane Dawson

I’m not exactly the fan type here, but I’d probably say he’s got the guts to act the whole movie by himself, you know, portraying different roles and all that and he does make some good points. It’s also cool how he’s able to come up with stories and stuff, but I’m just not really feeling the videos that much although I do like his messages.

Video Game: The Sims 3

Wow! Sims still got it going on even after versions 1 and 2 and a couple of other versions! Cool! This game’s pretty addicting, don’t you agree? It’s like having a whole community moving according to how you want it to.

Smile (presented by Invisalign Teen): Taylor Lautner

Beautiful smile! Just look at that perfect set of white teeth. Who knew wolves had such beautiful-looking teeth? So, that’s how Jacob gets all the ladies, well, except for Bella.

Activist: Shakira

American Idol Alum: David Archuleta

Youngest among the most successful American Idol alumni, David Archuleta is really one with an amazing voice and is making great music as he ages with his career. Although he’s a great musician, I personally think Adam Lambert is still the best among all those who were part of American Idol history. He’s just really different, and that makes me love him so much.

Most Fanatic Fans: Twilight

The forever ongoing Team Edward-Team Jacob feud is already indicative of how much fans are going crazy over the movie version of the Stephenie Meyer novel. It’s really a worldwide phenomenon that it would probably take only a day or less to gather a Twilight gang. How long will this fandom go? You tell me.

And so, we have come to the end of the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. Did you enjoy the show? I hope you did.

Were you happy with the winners? Or would you rather have something else in place of who won? I’d love to hear about your comments on the outcome of this year’s TCA, so don’t forget to leave them at the comment box below.

‘Til next year’s Teen Choice! Cheers!


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