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How Despicable is “Despicable Me”?

While chubby little Agnes is screaming “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die” on screen, I’m screaming “It’s so cute I’m gonna pinch the person right next to me” on the inside.

Fun, light, and absolutely adorable, Despicable Me is a must-watch animation of the year. With a bunch of cute, yellow, potato-looking minions, fluffy unicorns, and three hyperactive kids who continuously pester a supervillain in a very lovable manner, this family-friendly film is set to make the audience say cute, cute, and cute throughout the whole one and a half hours of show time.

Whether you’re watching it alone, with friends, or with family, this movie will get you high and wild like a child bursting with overzealousness. From heart-racing roller coasters to crazy hi-tech gadgets, there’s nothing ordinary with Gru and the gang as they take you on an adventure of your childhood dreams filled with colorful themes, witty gags, heartwarming scenes, and just about anything fun and spontaneous.

From start to end, this film brings an air of delightfulness that will charm just about anybody who’s watching. To an adult, it’s one that brings back memories of childhood, carefree days, and moments of innocence and joy. To a child, it’s one that allows them to smile and to giggle freely and to reach a temporary optimum of their childhood.

Despicable Me carries with it, however, a very simple storyline and a predictable end that doesn’t pose anything remarkable to remember by in the plot. In fact, it’s too simple that you would call it just another cliché film. Although it’s a fact that its target audience are mainly the children, it’s also a fact that there’s no need to concoct a very complex plot in order to bring something more creative than what was presented. This movie just lacked a little bit of innovativeness in the creation of the plot. It would have been better if there were some fresh ideas explored.

In as much as the plot proved to be quite disappointing because of its extreme simplicity and blandness in terms of creativity, the script was well-written. The punchlines are great and the expressions are just beautiful! To Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul (the awesome screenplay writers), you rock!

Another aspect of this movie that deserves high praise is the animation. Each scene is very warm and bright to the eyes that it delivers dozens of happy thoughts as one storyboard slides to the next; each character is unique and super adorable that you would be tempted to take them out of the screen and bring them home, especially those minions and Agnes! Pat yourselves on the back, all you Despicable Me artists and animators, because you certainly did better than just a good job! You guys are amazing!

Aside from the über cute characters that everybody would like to squeeze, the film owes much of its entertainment success to the incredible voiceovers. Special mention to Steve Carell who did such an amazing job in giving Gru his adorable weirdly-accented voice, to Elsie Fisher for making Agnes sound like the cutest thing in the world, and to Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, and Jemaine Clement for letting us fall in love more with the squishy minions.

A film that pushes the animation bar to a height of extreme adorability, knows how to tickle our funny bones and to extract drops of tears from our eyes in a way that puts comedy and drama beautifully side by side, and leaves us with an inspiration to change and be an inspiration for change to make the world a little more than just an okay place to live in, Despicable Me is really nowhere despicable.

So, does this movie count as awesome?

Oh, you bet!

Rating: 9.2/10


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