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Purr On Hellcats!

A new season of cheerleading, football, and teenage life has begun in the CW network, but are we seeing an all too familiar and all too shallow high school drama story unfolding in its newest show, Hellcats? We might, but it’s really too early to say.

With a plot that seemingly revolves only around cheerleading, competitions, teenage girls, jealousies, rivalries, romance, and a mom who’s more wasted than her daughter, the new CW show that debuted last Wednesday does not seem to bring much of a ‘fresh’ factor to the table. I think we’ve seen similar stories before. High School Musical, anyone?

Minus the eye-catching cheerleading outfits, the bickering, and the blast of energy of the dance moves, the first episode was rather quite disappointing due to its lack of the power to wow and give an explosive prelude to the next chain of episodes. The story from where it all begins seems to be just another familiar formula for high school soaps. There wasn’t a spark of suspense or hot topic to follow through, not even a cliffhanger in the end. It’s like, what did I miss? Oh, you know, just some plain drama you could have probably witnessed in a typical American high school.

However, the dullness and the cliché-ness of the plot in the first episode were certainly made up for by its cool music and dynamic dance moves. Good choice of songs, really. Love how they make you feel like a rock star at some point! Powerful, energetic, and you should see how those are coupled with their electrifying dance moves and stunts. Those cheerleaders really strut their stuff back there in the Lancer College gym! Even Sue Sylvester’s Cheerios will probably be jealous. Now, I wonder how Sue sees that.

And speaking of the Hellcats, Ashley Tisdale (who plays Savannah) and Alyson Michalka’s (who plays Marti) performances are commendable. They were able to effectively develop and deliver their characters as early as the pilot episode although it would be nice if they push their characters a little further so as to give us a little more of that attitude as cheerleaders. Their respective roles seem to fit them perfectly, and I am more than excited to see where their characters will lead them in the next few episodes. Both gals have clearly come out of their Disney comfort zone and are stepping into the professional world of television business, and I must say, they are certainly doing a great job in it! More power to you both!

With high school and teenage drama being a very popular theme in television series and movies these days, Hellcats needs to step up in its story line development if it wants to effectuate a different kind of beauty and coolness as a television series. I’m thinking unexpected twists, breathtaking cheerleading performances, deeper character developments, and a whole new level of never-before-seen drama that spells w-o-w. Show us the depth of a cheerleader’s world. Shower the audience with the charm and the spirit that cheerleaders are supposed to have. That’s what Hellcats needs to work on more in order to capture the audience’s sentiments and craze.

We know how confusing, how crazy, and how weird the high school world and teenage lives can get, and we don’t need another formulaic series about this anymore. As Hellcats comes to give us another one of these high school-related dramatic spectacles, we hope to see a fresh take on such a subject, with new style, unique plot, and an X factor that’ll keep the audience purring for more Hellcats as its new season continues.

Bring it on, Hellcats! Show us what you’ve got!


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