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America’s Next Top Model Goes Vogue Italia

Set up the runways, roll out the carpets, and get your cameras ready because the world of modeling is once again taking us to a new season of fashion, style, beauty, and drama. New intense challenges await. New poses to impress the judges. More beautiful and unique photos to be taken. More fierceness and sexiness to be unleashed. And most importantly, more prestigious rewards are at stake, including a 2-page spread and the cover of “Vogue Italia”, a $ 100,000 contract with Covergirl, and the opportunity to be one of the IMG models. 14 girls. 1 dream. 1 goal. Who’s going to be on the cover of “Vogue Italia” at the end of it all? Friends, welcome to the cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model!

From 32 contestants, we’re down to 14 young, aspiring models who will go head to head in the challenges that Tyra and her team has especially prepared for them. Can they handle the heat and the intensity of what they’re about to go through? How far will they go in impressing veteran and guest judges alike? Who’s getting the boot first and who’s besting them all to prove that she’s got what it takes to be America’s next top model?

Who’s going to follow in Tyra Banks footsteps? What kind of a “model mark” will they leave in this cycle? Well, the story begins with these 14 girls:

1. Anamaria, 18, NY

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She may come from the city where fashion reigns high above the clouds, but did she get enough inspiration from her city to get through high fashion?

2. Kendal, 23, AL

Kendal may be the oldest in the pack, but it looks like she can be the next Krista (cycle 14 winner). Well, can she? I guess… well, as long as semen’s out of the picture. Again, no to semen.

3. Rhianna, 20, CA

“Willow” is my personal favorite in this batch. Her body’s flexible and seems very comfortable with doing unique poses. She seems to be very creative, so don’t let me down Rhianna. I’ve got high hopes for you.

4. Chris, 24, TX

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She’s supposedly the “cuter” (according to her) twin in this competition, but we all know that you need more than trying to be cute in order to emerge on top of the pyramid. Chris, however, showed some potential during the eliminations, so we just hope she continues to show the same energy.

5. Jane, 19, MD

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She may be a proud Ivy League graduate, but from the looks of the first episode, I can’t say she can be proud of her modeling status right now. Her body’s stiff, her walk’s not edgy enough, and there’s something wrong with her modeling attitude. But, still too early to say, but she definitely needs some improvement if she wants to go far.

6. Chelsey, 22, ID

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She’s got the legs, the body, the walk, and the attitude, but we’ve seen pretty blondes go home at the middle of the show just because they’re too “commercial”, so as much as I think she’s one of the better catches this season, Chelsey might probably want to go one step further to impress the judges.

7. Liz, 21, TX

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Now, this has got to be someone you’d probably be impressed with – a single mom who got 2 jobs and who’s working full-time and studying full-time, and she’s got the time to tone her body to be that slim. The question is, can she continue to impress with her creativity in challenges?

8. Sara, 21, CA

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This girl rapped her way to introduction, and as much as that can qualify for a talent show, America’s Next Top Model doesn’t have a talent portion. As long as she can constantly create something unique with her poses, Sara should be safe until the top five.

9. Lexie, 18, IL

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An Uma Thurman look-alike – that should be a good thing, right? True, but if she doesn’t cut the whole drama queen attitude out, she’s going to be a real pain in this competition. And girl, that’s not gonna help you get good photos anyway, so seriously, drop it.

10. Esther, 18, MA

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She may have the bust size that most models might feel like having (seriously, 30G?), but you can’t simply rely on that to get yourself a modeling career. At this point, Esther doesn’t seem to be the most interesting, so really, she has to come up with something explosive for her to be noticed more.

11. Kacey, 20, CA

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And she’s back from cycle 11, and you’d probably think that she must have learned more than anybody else here in the competition, but you know what? She didn’t. She may have gotten through eliminations, but I still don’t see the “model” in her. Yeah, especially when you’re called old when you’re just 20! Uh, that’s never a good thing.

12. Kayla, 19, IL

This gal from Illinois is second on my list, next to Rhianna. She’s got the looks, the body, and that fierce factor, so I personally think she’s really of model material. I’d really like to see what more she can bring to the table in the succeeding episodes.

13. Ann, 19, TX

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Tall and skinny – that’s what we are looking for in models, right? But, somehow, Ann makes us feel that there’s something wrong with that idea. Not that she’s too tall and too skinny (really, how did you get to have such a small waist line?), but she’s not really showing some model potential despite the model qualities that she possesses. Let us see more energy, more curves, and… just surprise us!

14. Terra, 24, TX

Being the older and more reserved of the twins, Terra seems to be quite underdeveloped as a model than her sister, but if Tyra thinks she’s got the talent, who am I to say she can’t make it to the top? But, there’s only gonna be one winner, so who’s getting that top spot: you or your sister?

And so, with each roll of an episode every week, who will still be running towards America’s next top model? Or, should I say, towards the next cover of “Vogue Italia”.

So, who’s your bet in this cycle? Let me know in the comment box below.

One comment on “America’s Next Top Model Goes Vogue Italia

  1. Kaguyahime
    November 18, 2010

    I have a problem with the overall premise of your article but I still think its really informative. I really like your other posts. Keep up the great work. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Kaguyahime.

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