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Glee Spells New in Season 2

The road to nationals in New York has begun last night, and we can’t wait to find out how our favorite gleeks are going to traverse that avenue of their lives. But, as that chapter of the Mckinley glee club story unfolds, we know two things for sure: 1) Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton) is no longer part of that story (for who knows why! Seriously, he’s gone? He spoke only twice in the whole first season and then suddenly he got cut out? Aww, man!), and 2) the exit of ‘Shaft’ (courtesy of the one and only Sue Sylvester) leaves a space (or spaces) for a new talent (or talents) in New Directions.

While Matt wasn’t given the chance to at least say goodbye and give us all hugs before he transferred to wherever he transferred last summer, the other glee kids got to spend some time off from being bullied and slushied. But, now that they’re back to school, first day didn’t spell what happened last summer stays in summer as the school’s “reporter”, Jacob, went around campus, tracking the glee kids down, to tell us a tale of what he would call the “Glee’s Big Gay Summer”.

And yes, Will Schuester, Jacob called your choice of songs 100% gay and seemed to have been taken from a drag queen’s iPod. But don’t worry, not everyone agrees with Jacob. We still think you’re the coolest Spanish professor around! So, speaking of summer, what was everybody in Mckinley up to?

Aside from wanting to throw a slushie at our faces as they make a comeback and Kurt being splashed with a red slushie in his face on the first day of school, we learned that Tina left poor, little Artie for “other Asian” Mike Chang and his abs in Asian camp. Well, who can resist the sight of beautiful abs, right? But, if Artie could stand up from that wheelchair where’s he stuck, I bet Tina would be blown away with his dancing skills that she’d forget all about Mike’s abs. But then again, Mike’s a great dancer, so it’ll be a real showdown! I’m on Artie’s side though; sorry Mike.

Then, we learned Puck got a vasectomy because he thought that was the “most responsible thing to do”, Santana got a boob job so people would notice her more, and Finn and Rachel are still together like peanut butter and jelly.

Wow, that sure was a mouthful, but hey, the list of new stuff this season doesn’t end there! In fact, that was all what last night’s episode was about – feeding our Glee cravings with new this and new that without really having much of a backbone for most – so yeah, the first episode wasn’t exactly that explosive in terms of production and all that. But, the pilot episode was like that too – simple, sort of a bore, but turns out it was just building up the tension for the climax of the season. Looks like this is what the show’s doing again, so I am really looking forward to where the next few episodes will take us.

As much as we’re hyped about everything new that’s happening to the characters last season, such as THE Quinn Fabray returning to her being the captain of the Cheerios (too bad for Santana ‘coz now she’s back to the bottom of the pyramid. Lesson here: never get those silicon implants until you get out of the cheering squad.), Finn got kicked out of the football team (just because he called the girl coach ‘dude’ and tried helping Artie get on the team to get Tina back), and all those that happened during the summer, we can’t help but say we are actually more excited for the new faces we’re seeing this season (at least for the first episode).

First up, we saw the controversial guest star, Charice, having a vocal showdown with Lea Michele in the bathroom with Gaga’s “Telephone”. Wow, what a place to express those voices, girls! Charice, who plays Sunshine Corazon, a foreign exchange student from the Philippines, later on goes to show off more of her fantastic voice to the team as she takes on  Beyoncé’s “Listen” for her audition song. Seriously, what was that power voice all about? Looks like Rachel’s met her match. I smell insecurity in the auditorium, so no wonder she sent the poor newbie to a crackhouse on the day of the auditions. Ego invasion, huh? But now that Sunshine transferred to join Vocal Adrenaline (because they got her a house and gave her mother a green card which New Directions couldn’t afford to offer. Yeah, I bet New Directions can’t even get her a mini Range Rover especially with the cut budget.), uh-oh is spelled all over Rachel’s face. So much for being a controlling freak (and no, it’s not “controllist”, Finn; it’s controlling).

Charice may have blown us away with her voice that can send shivers down any gleek’s spine, but the new quarterback, Sam Evans (played by Chord Overstreet), is not quite as impressive. His voice’s okay, but the dude’s probably better off with just playing football (and being Kurt’s new boyfriend later on).

And the last person to join the team last night was Mckinley’s new football coach, Shannon Beiste (played by Dot Jones) who seems rather beastly (come on, cutting Finn off the team? What is up with that?). So, where did Ken Tanaka go? Who knows? Maybe he’s chilling with Matt somewhere. But, we must admit, we do like Ken better than Shannon. She scares the hell out of me. Even the natural rivals, Will and Sue, will agree with us on that that they’re working together, yes, let me repeat that, together in order to kick the beast, Beiste, out of their lives. Who wants their budget to be cut off by a big chunk of 10%, right? Too bad Mr. Schuester had to chicken out because of his morals. Now, it’s not only Sue who’s gonna get stuck with the cranky and crazy coach, but us too.

To wrap it up, the first episode was all about introductions of everything new (we’re still sad by the fact that they didn’t get us to catch up with whatever happened to Kurt, Mercedes, and Brittany), but the show didn’t miss out on delivering the wow factor from its performances. Charice and Lea’s duet for “Telephone” was really amazing (only to be ruined by Sue’s “Shut up!”), and wow, vocals overload! This is the start of the showdown that we have been waiting for since the start of the first season. Who’s going to end up the better diva? And New Directions performing “Empire State of Mind” is so cool! Amazing number! You are so in the mood for New York, dudes! Artie (Kevin Mchale) just nailed the rapping part! Best number in the whole episode!

Honestly speaking, however, I expected more from this episode since it’s the first in the series. I was looking for numbers that will knock me off my feet, something extravagant and wild, but I guess they’ve reserved all the grandeur for some of its key episodes, such as the Rocky Horror and the Britney episodes. But, I must say, it looks like our Glee family has really grown over the summer with its new and more matured take

And so, the second round of musical madness coupled with drama has begun. Are you ready to gleek out until nationals?

I know I am!


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