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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Hit It Brittany One More Time

Step aside Madonna; a new pop princess is in Glee town! And no, it’s not Gaga. We’re talking single-mom-gone-wild-and-bald-who-made-a-comeback-after-her-hair-grew-back Britney Spears paying a visit to William Mckinley High and giving our favorite gleeks their very own Britney fantasies over anesthesia. And what can I say? The Britney/Brittany episode last night got the word HOT splattered all over it just like a delicious Britney (and John Stamos) slushie thrown at our screens.

However, I said it spelled hot, but I did not say it spelled fresh from the grill . Don’t me get wrong; the numbers last night were definitely showstoppers, but I somehow felt there was a lack of glamour and inspirational and original projection of art and music (Bad Romance, yes?). Sure, the episode tells us that Britney lets the gleeks feel like they can be anything (yeah, with all those Britney fantasies in their anesthetic dreams), but wasn’t that also the message purported by the Madonna and Gaga episodes? It felt like that the concept of music (or artist) empowerment was just recycled with the use of another sensational artist’s songs yet without any added innovation to the performances. But, yes, we certainly saw a lot of added sizzle.

Besides Brittany finally mentioning her full name out loud (seriously, 24 episodes before revealing that she’s Brittany S. Pierce? Come on!), we are more than proud for Heather Morris for her amazing performances last night! Although her voice is not as magnificently striking as Lea Michele’s, she truly stole the spotlight with her incredibly energetic and sexy dance moves, with her Britney-inspired iconic outfits, and of course, with that serpent hanging around her neck. She really brought out the best of Britney Spears that probably none of the other cast members could have done better. Kudos!

And yes, that means, not even the limelight-hogging Rachel Berry topped Brittany S. Pierce’s (I’m kinda liking the sound of calling her by her full name) performance level. Honestly, I did not exactly like the sound of “Hit It Baby One More Time” when Lea sang it. Her voice is amazing, no doubt, yet somehow she wasn’t fit for the song. It sounded too high that it made it sound too theatrical which didn’t reflect the pop nature of the song.

Brittany, on the other hand, in addition to her explosive dance moves, just got the right tone for a Britney Spears impression. Truly living to her name and totally bringing the episode to a whole new level. Awesome! Now, I’d really like to see more of Heather Morris in this show! It’s Brittany, bitch! Oh yeah! You’ve gotta love that attitude!

And what else was out of control last night? The beautiful tandem of Brittany and Santana for “Me Against the Music”. I think not even Britney Spears and Madonna can beat the sizzle that Brittana brought to the song. They were uncontrollable in that number, complete with the sexy outfits, the groovy dance, and Madonna’s cane! And yeah, you should have probably guessed by now. This is my personal favorite from last night’s episode.

Another personal favorite of mine would definitely be Artie’s (Kevin Mchale) version of “Stronger”. Love his deep and sweet voice! Beautiful! Artie’s been really showing a powerful performance this second season, and I’m loving every moment of it!

And when we thought that the whole episode was about Brittany meeting Britney and about Santana (and the rest of us except the uptight Will Schuester) drooling over Emma’s (Jayma Mays) hot dentist Carl (played by John Stamos), the episode takes us from a bang to a triple boom with the New Directions’ performance of “Toxic”. Hold those hormones, people! Sue doesn’t want a sex riot unless you want to get sued by her lawyer for breaking her neck! But, really, who cares if New Directions ended last in the regionals! They’re unbelievable and unstoppable! Absolutely hot! Absolutely amazing! And Will Schuester’s moves… a fantasy! Yes? Yeah? Totally!

But after all that and before the whole tribute to Britney Spears comes to a close, the episode ended with a heartwarming Paramore song, “The Only Exception”, dedicated by Rachel to her lovely boyfriend. Is that supposed to be like a redemption from the whole Britney wild ride? Well, it’s working.

After watching the Britney/Brittany episode last night, here’s one word to describe it: EPIC. Hot, energetic, intense, crazy, wild (yes,we’re feeling Jacob, the “Jewish cloud” here), sexy, and totally out of control, when did Glee give us an episode that is as phenomenal as last night’s? I bet even Britney Spears got her eyes glued on every number, thinking how did her songs get any hotter. Oh yes, Britney, Glee‘s got the power to make just about any transformation!

And so, after enjoying a serving of hot and sexy Britney playlist from last night’s episode, all I can say is that I have never appreciated growing up with Britney Spears as much as last night. I just can’t stop listening to the songs now. Although I must admit, I was disappointed that they didn’t even let Chris Colfer (Kurt) sing at least one Britney song. After all, he was the one who suggested the Britney number for the homecoming assembly. I’m sure the episode would’ve been so much hotter! But, even without, the episode is already extremely phenomenal – most watched ever!

Oh Glee, can’t you see you’re so toxic it burns?


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