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A Night of Copperfield

At 10 o’clock the other night, I crossed off one thing from my bucket list. And I feel absolutely ecstatic that not even 10 packs of M&M’s can make me feel more than that! Ladies and gentlemen, I just witnessed a David Copperfield.

No, I just witnessed THE David Copperfield! Yes, THE David Copperfield who made the Statue of Liberty disappear, THE David Copperfield who walked through the Great Wall of China, and THE David Copperfield who has turned the world of magic upside down and inside out since Harry Houdini enveloped us in magical amazement. I just saw the man who has seasoned the word magic with some new unique spice that keeps the world hungering for more walk in front of me late the other night. And I seriously think that nothing from this vacation can top that!

As the greatest illusionist of our time appeared in a cloud of smoke that night at the Hollywood Theater stage (MGM Grand), I felt like seeing one of my childhood dreams unfold in its most beautiful grandeur in front of my very eyes. And that grandeur gets more and more fabulous as the night wore on and with every succeeding trick.

I may have not seen David Copperfield walk through a historical edifice such as the Great Wall of China – just through a large solid steel sheet – or turn a famous landmark such as the Statue of Liberty – just a bunch of people from the audience – into particles of air, but what I saw that particular night was something really spectacular. There was a glow of charm in every minute of the show that keeps one in timeless awe.

Magic, storytelling, comedy, and graceful entertainment – all of these and more filled the theater’s atmosphere with Copperfield’s appearance. With his extravagant props, smoke and air effects, and his white duck (yes, he has this distracting duck – or was it a goose – that keeps on appearing on stage and quacking his way across), David really set the stage on fire. He rechanneled the air inside the theater from boring and sleepy to something fun and magical as he delivered a superb performance unlike any other magician I’ve encountered. As expected from a man who received 21 Emmy’s and who holds the title for “Most Tickets Sold Worldwide by A Solo Entertainer” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

From his simple tricks of making neckties dance like hypnotized cobras inside a weaved basket and making a crumpled tissue levitate and slide across his and some girl’s arms to more jawdropping ones like making a car appear hanging above the stage and just like that (yeah, I know, like magic) and making 13 people from the audience disappear into the thin air with a wave of the white cloth, Copperfield left the audience torn between illusion and reality and between doubt and belief.

What just happened? How did it all happen? Who is this man they call David Copperfield? Was that real magic or was that just a trick resulting from a quick swish of the hands? Adults will probably process it as the latter and kids will probably process it as the former, but being someone who lies in between the two, I’d probably leave the processing to something in between magic and trick. I don’t want to be exactly fooled by tricky fingers, but at the same time, I want to preserve the beauty of the world of magic. Leave some space for imagination to float.

David Copperfield may seem like any other magician out there who leaves you with bewilderment after his performances, but despite that, I see something more special in Mr. Copperfield. You can call it a gift; I call it a deep dark secret hidden in the corner of his eye.

He’s got the talent, he’s got the “gift”, and he’s got the charm, but most importantly, he’s got what it takes to be a show master and a brilliant showstopper. David Copperfield is the magician of the century, I undoubtedly agree, and sitting there inside the theater and watching him showcase his greatness, I didn’t regret spending a single penny for his show’s ticket that night nor did I regret spending a single second inside that theater. He was simply breathtaking!

Thank you David Copperfield for bringing me the magical experience I’ve always dreamed you’d make me see! It was truly awesome!


2 comments on “A Night of Copperfield

  1. painfullywaiting
    June 21, 2012

    I know exactly what you mean how great he is. I actually got to cross him off my bucket list this year. Amazing

    • Cherszy
      June 24, 2012

      Wee! Awesome! 🙂 Now, we can go chase the other stuff on our bucket lists.

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