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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Boo! It’s Halloween!

There are pumpkins we light. Some pumpkins we buy. Still, some others we design. But, whatever we find, say Halloween, ’tis the night.

It’s that time of the year again when the dead re-leave their graves to relive another haunting adventure, when monster haunted houses come alive with the screams and shrieks of those who dare to enter these mansions with the ‘Enter At Your Own Risk’ signs, and when kids of all ages (and I don’t care if you’re 60; as long as you enjoy Halloween like a kid, you’re a kid) pick up and don their most creative and spookilicious costumes to go trick or treating.

So, who’s dressing as what this coming Halloween? And where are you, trick or treaters, heading on the night of horror? I’m looking forward to seeing some of you walk down the spooky streets and knock on cobwebbed doors in your cute or sexy outfits while holding your pumpkin bags filled with different sweet treats. How many candies are you getting this year? Good luck everyone! If you’re in New York, I might be handing some chocolates and candies to some of you personally, so I’ll see you friends!

As for you guys who are skipping trick or treat this year and are deciding to stay home and enjoy a plate of pumpkin pie with a box of assorted candies in hand for the trick or treaters, have fun lighting those jack-o-lanterns, savoring those pumpkin pies and pumpkin-flavored ice cream, and baking those delicious-looking Halloween treats, such as ghost-shaped cookies or Frankenstein cupcakes.

And speaking of jack-o-lanterns, I saw this guy in Los Angeles (The Grove) who makes the most creative carvings on pumpkins. They’re so adorable and cute that you would want to bring one home. Too bad he’s not selling them. He’s making these for a charity for children, and upon hearing that, my heart melted. It always feels nice to hear that some people are making efforts to put smiles on other people’s faces despite the gloominess and the black clouds that are enveloping this world today.

Well, ain’t those beautiful? I hope those kids from charity have fun with these pumpkins. They’re works of a real and generous artist. Too bad I never got to ask what this nice guy’s name was, but whoever you are, sir, I salute you for being nice this Halloween. Such an inspiration!

Everyone’s got their own way of celebrating Halloween, and it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you enjoy it, then go with it! And with that, let me just say have a fabulous and spooky Halloween everyone! Share with me what you’re doing or what you did for Halloween by leaving me comments below. Tell me what you dressed up as for trick or treat or what you prepared for the night or what you carved out of your large pumpkin. I’d be happy to read your stories. Or, if you like, you can send me photos of your Halloween party or celebration at itzcherszy@yahoo.com and I’ll post them here maybe next year.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Let the spookfest begin all ya Frankensteins, ghosts, witches, nurses, ghouls, and whatever freaky creatures!


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