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by Cherszy (@cherszy)

Frightfest in Manhattan

It was fun. It was spooktacular. The Halloween parade last night in New York (along 6th Avenue) was absolutely cool! I don’t know with all you other New Yorkers and tourists out there who lined up the sides of the street last night watching the wild performances and taking pictures of the creepy creatures who passed by, but my friends and I really enjoyed the parade as we cheered on some of the most creative costumes. Well, it was our first time to watch the parade, so we really had the time of our lives.

So, were you part of the parade? What did you dress up as? Or were you squeezing with your friends in the crowd just to take a peek of what was going on in the street? What were your favorites in the line of costume wearers?

To mark the coolness of last night’s spookilicious event, I’ve compiled photos of some of the most creative costumes I’ve witnessed as I squeezed my way to the front line just to see the craziness of the parade. My apologies for some of the badly taken photos. The person in front of me kept on dancing and the guy beside me kept on bumping my head with his elbow because he was busy with his DSLR, so my hand was unsteady at some points.

But, really, you’ve got to see these! Be inspired for next year’s Halloween party or trick or treat!

The police said, “Hey, you guys gotta move 6 inches away from the rail.” And then the person below said, “Oh! You gotta move 6 inches. I gotta work with 9!”

The Mad Hatter was also in town!

And Hello Kitty dressed up like a leopard too! Talk about creativity!

Skeletons danced their way through most of the parade and tried grabbing people and stuff from the audience! Coolie!

There were skeletons… and then there were corpses…

And some other random creatures I can’t give a name to.

A samurai also walked the avenue of creeps:

So did a caterpillar-dressed dude:

And a really scary joker:

The Teletubbies also bounced their cuteness through the avenue:

Halloween-decorated cars joined and greeted the many watchers of the parade too:

As the night wore on, more and more scary-looking and creative costumes and masks amazed the rowdy crowd:

Everyone’s got their own style with his/her costume last night, but what was important was that everyone had fun! And as Halloween came to a close, it didn’t really matter how you celebrated it – trick or treat, pumpkin carving, or Halloween parade – as long as you were spooked out and had fun while being crept out, it’s all that matters! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

If your costume was featured above, do drop me a comment below so I know who you are! Congratulations for a job well done you guys! 🙂

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?


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