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5 Wonders from My October Vacation

3 fab cities. 747 memory-filled photos. I’d say I had one hell of a great vacation!

But, after 20 days of fun, I’m back to where I was one month ago – sitting in front of my 6-year old desktop computer, typing the next few minutes of my life away in reminiscence of beautiful memories. And still wishing that my vacation had not been over just yet.

I guess, in my head, it has not ended. Even if reality tells me it has.

A glint of joy sparkled in my eyes as I met up and hung out with old friends whom I haven’t seen and chatted with in the longest time. We shared some laughs and some stories, ate some good ol’ burgers, and posed for some photos that we’d remember our good times by.

And like old friends that make the cold weather warmer and cozier, new experiences make familiar city visits strange and exotic. In the last few weeks, I plunged into quite a couple of amazing adventures I’d never see myself forget. There was more glitter than glamor and more magic than entertainment in each of those stories.

David Copperfield: A Fine Line Between Magic and Tricks

It’s David Copperfield. Need I say more? Well, aside from being the magician who brought home Guinness Book of World Records titles, Emmy Awards trophies, and millions of fans, applause, and standing ovations, this guy proves that there’s only a fine line between magic and tricks as long as you learn how to be skillful with the craft. And that night, as I watched him unleash the greatness of the legend that he is, I only had a word of wow to utter. He was a truly fantastic performer, and I believe I have just lived one of my childhood fantasies. Thank you David Copperfield!

Apple Picking at Masker Orchards in Warwick, NYC

Hundreds, probably even thousands, of apple trees lined up the sides of the muddy and bumpy road that our car traversed before we hopped off to find the tree of our choice. There were so many around us that we’d just want to pick at least one from each and bring them all home! But, hey, the price is at $25 per bag, so we don’t want to end up bringing five bags home. That’ll be really costly and not to mention, very heavy.

There were all sorts of apples everywhere! There were the common Delicious apples that were very juicy and tasty…

apples that looked a lot like tomatoes which were extremely cute but didn’t really get a win for the flavor since it tasted rather sour…

and the Golden apples that came in big sizes and beautiful combinations of red and yellow colors and had those sweet and tangy flavors blending in quite artistically in one’s mouth.

The apple picking experience was truly fulfilling and enjoyable as we go from one tree to the next, picking delicious-looking apples and stuffing them into our plastic bags, reaching for luscious apples with the aid of a bent branch, and eating the small ones that we have on hand. Believe it or not, I ate six apples myself while on the orchard grounds. They were just so juicy! And yes, I was a little hungry.

And for the wonderful apple picking adventure I had, the one-hour drive from the city to this countryside orchard was truly worth it. I’d come back for more next time!

For more information on Masker Orchards, visit www.maskers.com.

Criss Angel: Believe Your Eyes

He may not be as great as the legendary David Copperfield, but this guy is undoubtedly a mindfreak which will keep you entertained for the whole night! He did a straightjacket escape in only 30 seconds when Harry Houdini did it in 30 minutes! He’s one hell of an illusionist as he sliced through a woman’s body with a rotating blade and pieced it together afterwards. I never thought I’d be filled with bewilderment and an open mouth after every act. Criss Angel is a man who left me torn between doubt and belief, but for magic to fill us, all we’ve got to do is beLIEve.

Halloween Parade along 6th Avenue in Manhattan

It was my first time to witness such a frightfest, and it was crazy and super cool! I don’t care if I was pushing through the crowd and the guy beside me was bumping his elbow against my forehead as we made our way to the front line to cheer on the costume wearers for their creativity. It was so much fun looking at the different unique costumes that passed us. There were some that really freaked us out…

and some that just made us smile because they were simply adorable just like this carrot…

and this pair who came in as iPhone and Blackberry…

and there were some who just made us laugh like this dude who walked by with his white shirt and then slowly stripped it off in front of us to reveal his Superman logo…

There were a lot of people who walked down 6th Avenue, and there were many who danced to catchy and famous tunes, such as this ‘Thriller’ performance:

I can’t wait to see another Halloween parade soon! It was wild and impressive! I just couldn’t get enough of it! If you were there, you know what I mean!

Phantom of the Opera

The heart of a beautiful romance and the art of Broadway – Phantom of the Opera strung these two elements perfectly together that it will leave anyone in the audience breathless after the show. A well-written play filled with so much love – both selfish and selfless but patient – and with so much heartfelt emotions that got me teary-eyed, the longest-running musical is truly a masterpiece worthy of more than just Tony’s.

Accompanying such a great musical are talented performers who make every act come alive with such passion and beauty with their stunning voices. And may I just give a shoutout to Hugh Panaro who played the Phantom for being a Broadway darling. He’s got a really incredible voice, and I loved how he sung his parts of the songs. Amazing!

And with so much enjoyment came so many photo opportunities which probably got my digicam tired. But, really, there were just so many things to capture that I couldn’t control myself from clicking.

I loved every moment of my October vacation! What about you? How about telling me the wonders of your favorite vacations in the comments section below?


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